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For more than a decade now the question of how to cure Crohn’s disease have eluded many researchers and scientists, but due to the technological advancements presented by science in the line of stem cells people suffering from Crohn’s disease can now hope for a better future.

Crohn’s disease usually affects the last segment of the small intestine, while some find that the part of the large intestine is most damaged. The signs and symptoms could be mild to severe, and if not given early attention it can lead to death. Patients who suffer from Crohn’s disease experience diarrhea, fever, fatigue, abdominal pain and cramping, blood in their stools, reduced appetite and weight loss. Some can even experience inflammation in the liver and in children, this could cause delayed growth and sexual development.

Crohn’s Disease and Inflammatory bowel disease are complex types of diseases that put patients in danger.  The symptoms experienced are dilapidating that is why medical researcher are relentless in their quest to find the ultimate cure.  A lot of current medications have failed because the body is rejecting them. For this reason, medical researchers are now looking into therapeutic options like Stem cell therapy, combined with hematopoietic stem cells also known as mesenchymal stem cells.

Promising Treatment with the use of Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is currently the most promising type of treatment for Crohn’s Disease. For the reasons that the hematopoietic stem cells have the ability to migrate to damaged tissue, which means they are able to restore the normal mucosal tissue and its integrity. Stem cells clinics like FGAAA ( Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center) in California is looking into this promising model for patients. The efforts are directed towards understanding the process of colonic healing, and the ongoing clinical trials are proving to be effective in understanding the eventual use of stem cell therapy to Crohn’s disease patients.

The Mesenchymal cells are also seen as a promising tool for immune regulatory including regenerative cell therapy in a number of health conditions.  Because of the positive clinical trials being undertaken by a number of stem cell experts in the U.S and different parts of the world, they are seeing that even chemotherapy can be removed from the treatment options in the future.

Current treatments for Crohn’s disease still require surgery, doctors often need to remove the affected part of the bowel, and in extreme cases, the patient can undergo several operations that will require them to divert the bowel from the anus to an opening in their stomach, where stools would be collected in a pouch. This is a very painful procedure and hardly offering a life. This is the reason why chief Investigators like Professor James Lindsay from Queen Mary University in London and consultant in Barts Health NHS Trust expressed that despite the introduction of new drugs, there are still a lot of patients who don’t respond to it.

The available treatments remain weak, and the stem cell medical researchers like FGAAA believe in the need to study more the possibilities of alternative solutions to improve the quality of lives of more people suffering from Crohn’s disease and other types of diseases.

Some researchers have gone as far as to reset the patient’s immune system using a stem cell transplant, while it may not directly lead to the cure, it will allow patients to be responsive to the drugs that are available to them.

Living with Crohn’s disease is very tiring, you need to constantly find a toilet, and you bleed a lot. People who suffer this go in and out of the hospital and use drug after drug, it is very frustrating and depressing and stem cell therapy advancements can change that.

The use of stem cell in surgeries and transplants have been widely successful, a lot of stem cell clinics have produced amazing results. What has given hope for other people can also be successfully repeated with Crohn’s disease in due time.

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