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coupons february 2018

IMARK February 2018 coupon code is finally out!

As promised last year, IMARK International would offer its coupons or discount for all web design products from January to March. As a continuation of the three-month deal and as an appreciation of the whole team for having thousands of best, kindest, and coolest customers in 2017 and with even more clients from the ecommerce industry last month, IMARK is officially releasing its newest coupon code for this month.


February 2018 Coupons for Web Design, Development, and Hosting

IMARK sincerely thanks all customers in Southeast Asia for patronizing its technologies and tech products for their brands and companies. As announced by the company in December 2017, the “20% OFF” discount would be the last biggest discount to be ever offered to small and medium-sized businesses in December. As much as we hate this, we could not lower the price anymore at all times especially when demand for more new, better, and upgraded resources goes higher.

However, because we want to work with more customers we do everything we can to help them by providing them with products within their budget range. Hence, the company offered its 15%, 10%, and 5% monthly discount, respectively from January 2018 to March.

January is over so is the January 2018 Coupon Code. Starting today, February 1st until the 28th our own websites as well as the rest of the partner sites will offer 10% discount for all tech products.


New Coupons

IMARK International has rolled out its new pricing for all products and services, which takes effect immediately on February 1, 2018. Starting second quarter, no coupon code or discount higher than 5% will be provided anymore.

This is because the number of affiliates and partner sites is growing. Affiliates and partners will have their own power to release coupon codes for select customers beginning April 2018. If coupon codes last year were given publicly, coupon codes this year would be hard to get, and that will be up to our affiliates and partners.

Below is the table of coupon codes, discounts, and period of validity.

Coupon Code Discount (%) Period
18Q1JAN 15% January 1-31, 2018
2B0E1F8 10% February 1-28, 2018
(To be announced) 5% March 1-31, 2018

Note: Coupon codes can be applied only to tech products such as websites, mobile apps, and corporate systems.

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