Chanel x Pharrell Collaboration

Chanel is known for its bold choices, among the top luxury brands in the world Chanel is seen as brave and much more open with their collaborations and choices. As more and more brands are switching to Digital marketing of luxury goods- Chanel goes at the forefront of innovation and continues to increase the level of images that it provides a new generation of clients.

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Pharrell is one of the most beloved and respected rappers of his generation. During his interview, he talks about how ” We are in this lifetime to express ourselves” He goes on to tell that ” No one can tell who you are and it is all determined by you and that is the Beauty of it”. Pharrell is loved and respected for his ideas and is looked upon as one of the best celebrities and influencer to partner with Chanel.

Chanel has worked with Pharrell to create an entire capsule collection, and the rapper has already announced that he will be designing a future project and signed on as a collaborator for Chanel. From someone who used to put Coco Chanel drawings on his shoes in 2010 from someone who is now a real part of one of the most decadent luxury brands in the world. Pharrell also gave a glimpse of a yellow Chanel hoodie that he reportedly signed. The yellow hoodie was sprinkled with iconic Chanel logos and with an interlocking ” C”, and more.

The pricing and release date for the project has yet to be announced. It was previously noted that the video by Chanel with Pharrell released on their official YouTube Chanel gathered more than 7 million views upon release and also depicted high fashion model and actress Cara Delevingne.

Pharrell was reported to have worked on Chanel’s signature round glasses, white sweatshirt, white shirts, soft green tote bag, a blue side bag with the quilted panel, and his very own Chanel x Pharrell sneakers. In the ” 24 Hours with Pharell”, he discussed his style aspirations and how he views the world changing into a much more beautiful world that is much more accepting of gender fluid designs.

He wore pearl necklaces himself before, as he expressed that he loves women. He loves the interesting nature of women, the energy. True masculinity is respecting other imagery as your own- Knowledge is a responsibility. Masculinity shouldn’t rule, while masculinity is great sometimes it could be toxic- but he believes we are getting there and we are starting to merge the energies of masculine and feminine energies. He was inspired to create a more unisex selection of clothing materials with Chanel.

He loves things that women wear- and found that by using them he is able to understand the world far much better.

Pharrell is known for his inspiring music, spreading love and humanistic approach. He is a chill and really cool guy, with a positive attitude and with an inspiring hustler’s lifestyle- he is a perfect partner for Chanel as he is one of the rappers who are shaping the mindset of tomorrow’s leaders.

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