Chameleon Album Packed with Powerful Music Collaborations

Lourdes Duque Baron is changing the game, introducing new flavors and amazing creativity to the world of music. Some would often believe that the music industry is already dead, but true and refined artists know how technological advancements have improved the way we do music nowadays.

Chameleon is by far one of the best albums of Lourdes Duque Baron. This album will challenge the way people perceive success in any age. Lourdes Duque Baron is an icon and ahead of her time. The album Chameleon is a result of a fun, powerful music collaborations with some of the best people in the music industry.

Lourdes Duque Baron just released a series of the album from Table for Two (2014), Back to Romance (2015), Feeling Good At Any Age (2016) Let’s Stay Together in (2016) which led her to win the breakthrough album of the year in the Prestigious L.A Music Awards. Now she is leveling up and changing her game, introducing hit after hit with her new and fresh album Chameleon.

Chameleon will feature some of the most unexpected artists in Asia and different parts of the world. Exciting and fulfilling music collaborations, with a power, hit tunes and beats that are guaranteed to keep listeners energized and wanting for more. Lourdes Duque Baron has always been a genius, a musical genius who goes beyond the limits and expectations of people.

Collaborating with Artists such as “Burning Red” “Aknu,” Miguel Angel Valenzuela Morales, the youngest Latin Grammy Award winner certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Puerto Rican reggaeton Artist and Grammy nominee Haguy Mizrahi.

Lourdes Duque Baron focuses on projects that are experimental and unorthodox. The moment you start thinking you know her, she dishes out an entirely new aesthetic. Fans should watch out for her powerful and intense collaboration with Music Producer Lester Klumcee Vano and Battle Rap Icon ” Aklas” or Philip P. Ching who has just recently concluded his Philippine Music Tour.

Lester Klumcee Vano started in the music scene in 2004 as a rapper and songwriter, he quickly realized his abilities for producing, arranging and making beats in 2006.

He produced songs for Philippine legends like Francis M and worked with Gloc9, Ron Henley, Loonie ,Abra, Apekz, Smugglaz, Legit Misfitz, Aklas, Shanti Dope, and international rapper Afroman to name a few.

Chameleon  Album will be a whole new level of fresh,  exciting and boundless energy. Something that symbolized the artist and musician herself- Lourdes Duque Baron.

About the Author:

Kali Alaia is a digital marketer, strategist General Manager of 88 Ace Productions and Head of Marketing by Timeless Entertainment, Inc. She is also the Co Founder of Executive Digital Marketing in Makati, Philippines and considers herself a lightworker.



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