Chameleon Album Now Available in 32 Online Stores Worldwide

November 20, 2017- ” Chameleon” one of the most awaited album of  International artist Lourdes Duque Baron is now available in  32 Online Stores worldwide!

Lourdes Duque Baron wants to send a message that you can be anyone that you set your mind to. Focus and clarity, as well as a great message for the  Filipino Youth, has inspired the International artist to work with some of the best artists in the Philippines.

Chameleon will be carrying the hit song ” Mindset”- War on Poverty, a colossal collaboration with Pinoy Hip Hop artists Loonie, Shanti Dope and Aklas together with music producer Lester Klumcee Vano.

The Song ” Mindset- War on poverty was created under the production of Baron vocals, final mix and mastering by Gemini Musiq / Haguy Mizrahi in Burbank , California USA .  Haguy Mizrahi has already worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Black Eyed Peas.


Mindset banks on the idea that ” Whatever you perceive you can achieve”. Mindset is ushering in the golden age of the Philippines!

On the upcoming album, Lourdes Duque Baron aims to enchant and enthrall listeners with a totally new sound. As an artist, she is always one step ahead and set the bar higher.

Loonie a Filipino rapper who made a name for himself in the battle rap community has already won Best Rap Recording at the prestigious Awit Awards, including the Urban Award for Best Original Song.Aklas is widely known in the Philippines for his inspiring, quirky antics and passionate tirades during Rap Battles.

He has also just finished his nationwide tour, while Shanti Dope only 16, is seen as one of the most promising Hip-Hop artists in the Philippines dishing one hot album to another.

This rare and intensified team up was done through the ability of Music Producer and beatmaker Lester Klumcee Vano who pulled the attention-grabbing collaboration

The album depicts the growth and pureness of the music that Lourdes Duque Baron wants to offer listeners. Chameleon is like fine wine,  all of the ingredients inside it are carefully assessed and mixed together- it features a series of collaborations that are like no other- to a degree, Lourdes Duque Baron has outdone herself and provided an even higher standard.

“Mindset: War on Poverty” one of the songs on the album, is predicted to be a definite hit- the album contains a pure message. Different artists, from different walks of life, brought together by time to produce a song that will be an anthem of the generations to come.


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