Castle Green: Hollywood’s Iconic Film location in California

Castle Green from Los Angeles

The Castle Green has enjoyed a wonderful reputation amongst film makers and dubbed as a film friendly location for more than a decade now. The Castle Green was built in 1898 to serve as a Grand Hotel.

Castle Green was fully restored to its former glory, to this very day it has a Grand Ballroom, Salon, Marbled Staircases and Hallways including creepy basements and Rooftop views, perfect for horror and suspense film genres.

Castle Green remains one of the oldest standing historical landmarks in Los Angeles County. It still has many of its original features including a 24 hour man operated elevator, hand carved fireplace mantels and its original lighting fixtures.

It is the dream location for many filmmakers all over the world. Countless of blockbuster films and iconic TV shows were filmed in here. The Sting: Paul Newman and Robert Redford, The Last Samurai: Tom Cruise, The Prestige: Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, We Were Soldiers: Mel Gibson, Little Rascals were some of the films who used Castle Green as their filming location.

Iconic TV shows like Alias, NCIS, True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-files and Heroes were all filmed in here. Castle Green has the perfect vibe and mood for creating enticing and memorable scenes. Castle Green has elements and influence of Spanish, Victorian and Moorish elements. It has what we call the century glamour and charm. Plus the Castle has a fabulous ground floor setting perfect for creating social events for films and music videos.


Lourdes Duque Baron: What’s New?

Award winning actress, author, Grammy nominated singer and film producer Lourdes Duque Baron is fond of the Castle Green as a film location.

As a filmmaker she believes in shooting films in places with authenticity.

Her latest award-winning short film Tombstone Pillow was shot in the Manila North Cemetery. Because of the rawness and the film’s cinematography it was able to receive 20 nominations in international film festivals, with a total of 12 wins. Shooting films in iconic locations, and real castles heighten the mood and help you create the perfect mood and set-up.

Lourdes Duque Baron is currently preparing for her big directorial debut. It has always been a part of her goal is to improve in every aspect of filmmaking.

After taking extensive lessons in acting and successfully portraying the role of Olivia in Tombstone Pillow, she feels ready to dive in the full process of writing and directing a film.

Who knows, we might just be seeing Lourdes Duque Barons new film shot in the iconic filming location- Castle Green- at this point, nothing is impossible. It will all fall in God’s time, sheer hard work, and the help of billions of stem cells in your veins!

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