Can A Sanitary Napkin Help You Prevent Cancer?

Most napkins that are being sold in the market right now are made out of recycled paper and bleached using Chlorine Dioxide. This is a bleaching agent that produces carcinogenic chemicals that can cause a woman to suffer from Cervical Cancer.

Apart from that, the monthly period of women causes them unnecessary stress like Dysmenorrhea and painful cramps as well as a troublesome tummy. Other frequent issues during menstruation period are the itchiness and the foul odor that is released during the menstruation period causing stress to women.  The modern and active lifestyle of women also cause them to move about on a regular basis and this can cause sudden leakage, ruining their clothes not to mention the humiliation of blood leaking out of the pants. As women, we suffer tremendously from this monthly visitation which led to manufacturers like PureEssence Sanitary Napkins to create a revolutionary napkin that contains Anion Strip.

PureEssence Sanitary Napkins Review

We have heard it at some point, a napkin that contains Anion Strip? But does it really work and will it make a difference?

Most Sanitary Napkins contain pesticides, they are also made of plastic materials and chemicals like BPA and BPS that complicate embryonic development. Most of the napkins that we use are not really made of cotton, rather they are made out of cellulose gel. Most napkins that are being sold in the market also contain rayon, and synthetic fiber as well as dioxin that increases the chance of suffering from ovarian cancer.

Who needs PureEssence Sanitary Napkins?

If you are health conscious and if you are also trying to conceive a child, or you just generally want to feel better then you should try PureEssence Sanitary Napkins.

What PureEssence Sanitary Napkin promises?

This napkin brand promises to balance your hormones the component Anion Strip is said to give you better energy and also helps to balance out your mood. The napkin is also comfortable to use and prevents leakage. It can also reduce itchiness and bad odor during your menstruation because it was designed to fight off bacteria. Since the material is 8 layers, it also prevents any blood stain from getting outside. Saving you the need to wash your clothes and bedsheets frequently.

PureEssence Sanitary Napkin contains negative ions of up to 6100/cm.3 and could hold menstruation level of 150ml which means you can use it for much longer. It is perfect when you are traveling for long hours, climbing a mountain or when extremely busy with work.

Want to Buy and try the PureEssence Sanitary Napkin?

Call or text Segundo Morico one of the most trusted and reliable distributors of PureEssence Napkin, you can also discuss other health products and options with him.

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