Can Stem Cells Repair Blood Vessels to Cure Heart Diseases?

Stem Cell researchers are relentless with their study, in the latest update for stem cell therapy a new discovery has led scientists to repair damaged arteries using stem cells.  This became a possibility when researchers were able to find unique stem cells in embryonic mouse blood that can lead to the potential rebuilding of the artery walls.  To further the research, they will involve tracking the elusive cells in humans and try to determine whether they can really reconstruct the lining of the blood vessels.

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The team of scientists conducting the study made use of fluorescent tags to follow the stem cells called erythromyeloid progenitors that are known to develop into red blood cells and immune cells. In the laboratory tests, they were able to show that they could also form into endothelial cells, the main building blocks of the inner surface of blood vessels.

Growing blood vessels in red and green

This image shows new blood vessels growing in a mouse retina from our 2018 image competition, Reflections of Research. Credit: Kira Chouliaras, University of Oxford

The study was published in the magazine Nature,  stem cell research is aiming for what was previously thought impossible and the limits of understanding is being stretched. The goal is to eventually use stem cells to grow new blood vessels and repair damaged ones. As of the present time, science has yet to provide solutions for most heart and circulatory diseases that involves damaged vessels. But with new research, they hope to create and provide a long-term solution for coronary heart disease and peripheral arterial disease.

“Until now, scientists thought EMPs only formed red blood and immune system cells in the foetus. To find that they also generate endothelial cells for growing new blood vessels in the foetus was unexpected and is immensely exciting.” Scientists are making headway when it comes to how blood vessels develop into the embryo, and they are going deeper into the understanding of how life began.

“Getting these fundamentals right is essential for finding stem cell treatments which will work in patients. These findings could pave the way to new discoveries in regenerative medicine and allow scientists in the future to grow new blood vessels and repair those that are damaged in many forms of heart and circulatory disease.”


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