Can Stem Cell Therapy Cure Epilepsy?

The main symptom for Epilepsy is a seizure, patients who suffer from it experience tingling and twitching of the limbs, dizziness and muscle stiffness. This sickness causes the sufferer to have loss of control and it can make them fall down due to the sudden twitching of the arms and the legs.

Up until recently, medical researchers and doctors have no cure for epilepsy, but because of the immense discoveries in the field of science and regenerative medicine humans are now seeing potential in stem cell therapy and neural engineering. Most types of epilepsy-like the temporal lobe epilepsy or TLE is a common form of epilepsy but this is not yet responding well to treatment, people who suffer from this experience progressive brain damage that would, later on, affect their cognitive and emotional processes.

Future Cure For Epilepsy

Future strategies are now being looked into by medical experts to cure Epilepsy. The future lies in stem cell therapy, neuromorphic engineering, and Artificial intelligence. Researchers have a better understanding of the human brain and are now making use of various techniques to integrate science and technology to come up with real-life solutions for epilepsy patients. Currently, people with epilepsy don’t respond with medication, but a radical approach of implanting stem cells into the brain is seen as a way to stop the seizures from the source. The technique of using stem cells in the brain was already tested on rats and the results are promising because these doctors are now confident in doing the trail with humans. The process will involve the use of a patient’s own skin cells and turning them into embryonic-like stem cells in the lab.

The treatment will involve the process of finding where the seizures originate and implanting a cell to help the brain tissue heal.  The therapeutic stem cells would be taken from the patient’s own skin so that the rejection rate would be lower.

Stem Cell for Epilepsy as a Treatment option is now in the works and stem cell therapy may prove useful for improving seizure control and improving a patients memory issue. According to clinical studies, stem cells can be transplanted into the brain and produce functioning neurons and it is possible to transplant stem cells into abnormally functioning brain tissue. Stem cells could be used to replace the neurons that are lost to stop the seizures, it can also be used to cure dysfunctional regions of the brain. Stem cells could be programmed to become normally functioning neurons leading to the total erasure of seizures.

In the near future stem cells can also replace neurons that are lost and dysfunctional to help improve a patients memory. People suffering from epilepsy usually have memory complaints,  due to the side effects of medication and seizure activity and stem cells is one of the best and most possible solutions for epilepsy in the coming years.


Consult a Doctor 

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