Can Stem Cell Therapy bring dead teeth back to life?

Stem cell therapy uses are endless, and every year there are new and exciting ways to use Stem cells. In a recent study released, researchers have demonstrated how stem cells from baby teeth can be used to repair damaged permanent teeth in young children.

Most children suffer from dental injury while young, sometimes the damage happens not to the baby teeth that they will lose, but on permanent adult teeth that are below the gums. Trauma can also cut off the blood supply to the tooth and rot out the living pulp inside, this is called the pulp necrosis. This situation leads to the loss of tooth at a young age, that leads to dental complications, as of the moment the current treatments we have are unsatisfactory, and this is why stem cell research experts are now taking on the probability of using stem cells to bring dead teeth back to life.

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Only a few people really like going to the dentist, but with new treatments in place, in the future, there will be lesser need to visit the dentist for treatments. In a recent clinical trial done by Yan Juin, Kun Xuan and Bei Li of The Fourth Military in Xi’ an China and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine, they have demonstrated how to fix teeth that are suffering from pulp necrosis bu using stem cells from the patient’s baby teeth.

They carried the study in China with 40 children who had damaged adult teeth and baby teeth that had yet to fall out, they published the findings in the journal of Science Translational Medicine.  The subjects were treated with the new treatment, and they attempted to address the issue by allowing root development. Patients who received stem cell treatment had their pulp tissue taken out of one of their healthy baby teeth. The pulp is rich in stem cells, these cells were then grown into a lab and then placed into the injured adult tooth of the patient. The goal is to help encourage the growth of new pulp inside the tooth.

The subjects were observed for three years, and within that time span, they were able to prove that the treated teeth with stem cells had, in fact, better blood flow, better root system, and thicker dentin. The half-dead teeth also recovered sensation, while the other control group using traditional methods did not. The researchers used the patients own cells in the treatment, to reduce the chances of the body rejecting the therapy. Dr. Shi told the Penn Today that they are very much excited to see something work so well. The discovery will lead to revolutionary ways of treating teeth in dental clinics in the near future.


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