Can Chronic Body Pain be treated using Stem Cell Therapy?

In a recent experiment conducted in Australia, a group of scientists has closely looked into the nature of extreme pain, they tested on how to cure it with mice, and now they are moving forward with human trials. The goal is to dig deeper and uncover the reason behind pain-causing neurons. Scientists have already found the cure for chronic pain in mice, and now they want it to be tested on human patients who are suffering from chronic and untreatable pain.

Photo of a man with back pain, his hands are on his lower back
Chronic pain cost an estimated $139.3 billion in 2018. Image: iStock, Top image: Pexels

A team of researchers at the University of Sydney has focused on studying human stem cells to make painkilling neurons that can provide long-lasting relief without the side effects, and within just a single treatment. The first round of tests was performed using rodents, mice, and pigs, and now it is on its way for testing with humans who have been suffering from chronic pain for over five years.

The goal of scientists is to explore the power of human stem cells. They believe that Stem Cell therapy will be the major breakthrough in creating new non-opioid, non-addictive pain management strategies for patients.

There is a growing trust for Stem Cell therapy, as for Stem cell clinics in the world arise. Many government and non-profit organizations are collaborating with each other to fund the study including the NSW Ministry of Health. An associate professor named Greg Neely, of Charles Perkins Centre and the School of Life Environmental Sciences, already confirmed that they are ready for human testing.

What is Nerve Injury?

Nerve injury has many faces, and it can affect the different parts of the body. When nerve injury occurs it can affect the ability of the brain to communicate well with the muscles and the organs.

The act of stretching or pressing a nerve can cause injury, and if not given immediate attention it could worsen. Nerve injuries can worsen due to diabetes and other medical conditions like Guillain-Barre syndrome. Currently, the solutions being provided by hospitals include electric shock therapy and in worse cases surgery that could be life-altering for the patients. Doctors and medical researchers are now looking into natural methods and curing pain without the need to undergo pain-killing surgeries.

Pain management and Stem Cell therapy

Doctors who are closely working on finding the cure for chronic pain are looking into induced pluripotent stem cells or iPSC that is derived from the bone marrow to make pain-killing cells in the lab. It is then put into the spinal cord of the mice that has serious neuropathic pain.

The current developments of the research team lead to them winning a Nobel Prize in 2012. One of the researchers and author of the research is Dr. Leslie Caron, she stated that the research team is focusing on creating an effective and long-lasting treatment for neuropathic pain with the aid of stem cells. They were able to pick where to put pain-killing neurons, and because of this, they can now target the area of the body that is in pain leading to fewer side effects.

The new discovery aims to heal damage in the nervous system in humans that is at times described as electrical or shooting pain. Stem cell therapy is now being seen as a potential cure for Sciatica pain, pinched nerve, spinal cord injuries, shingles, diabetic neuropathy, cancer bone pain, and other accidental injuries.

They are focusing on stem cell therapy with the aim of eliminating the reliance on chronic pain patients on opioids. In the United States alone there are 200,000 Americans in the year 200 who have died from prescription overdoses. Chronic pain due to nerve injury has caused two million Americans to abuse or depend on opioids due to a lack of effective cure.

Opioids are highly addictive and not necessarily effective for long term treatment especially in cases where patients are depressed. These treatments have side effects and only help around 25 percent of patients.

As humans grow older, they will feel some form of chronic and untreatable kind of pain, and they are considering stem cell therapy as a necessary cure. Stem cell therapy developments will solve drug dependency and offer better pain management solutions that are critical to an aging society.

The goal is to create non-addictive pain killers for humans, something long-lasting.

Living Proof that Stem Cell Therapy Works!

The woman in the photo above is already 72 years old! Can you believe it! She is Lourdes Duque Baron and one of the ultimate proof that stem cell therapy is really working!

At the age of 72, Lou Baron is an award-winning author, film producer, musician, actress and is now aspiring to become a director. You are probably wondering how she manages to do it all?

How does she manage to write a book? Record one album after another, do humanitarian work without wearing herself out?

Lou Baron is able to do all of these with high energy levels and motivation because her body is infused with powerful and fresh stem cells that help reverse the signs of aging and keep her from feeling tired.
Combined with the powerful and divine blessings of the Lord, and the natural wonders of stem cell therapy Lourdes Duque Baron has improved levels of energy, enhanced focus, memory and drive to do more.

Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center ( FGAAA)

FGAAA Clinic in California ( Feel Good At Any Age The One- Stop Rejuvenation Center) offers advanced forms of anti-aging treatments that provide total rejuvenation for the mind and the body. Because of Stem Cell therapy, Lou Baron has boundless energy, zest for life and experiences fewer episodes of tiredness. Stem cell therapy allows her cells to rejuvenate and become stronger leading to less fatigue.

Stem cell therapy also acts as an anti-aging treatment that reduces age spots, lines and wrinkles in her body leading to a youthful appearance, better skin tone and firm looking body. Stem cell therapy boosts her stamina allowing her to perform more actions, and have intense feelings of happiness and mental clarity leading to a better and healthier outlook in life. Fresh stem cells in her body allow her to have easier weight maintenance as well as agility and better stamina that aids her exercise regimen.

Because of stem cell therapy, Lou Baron can do several projects a time without losing interest or getting disoriented. In an age where most people slow down and get depressed, she is a living and breathing epitome of health, happiness, and success.

The discovery and power of stem cells would allow humanity to adapt to changing times and live better lives.

Watch out for Lourdes Duque Baron’s Third Book ” New Breed of Homo Sapiens” to learn more about how Stem Cell Therapy can create a huge impact in your life!

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