” You Can Buy Love”

“You can buy love”

I lost it somewhere, the trinket of diamonds I have bestowed

You shattered it by asking for gold

By looking me in the eye with such inauthenticity

But you loved me, you loved me

In your own little despair and need

You gave me control to shatter you

To spin you around

Because you did not want to take hold of your life

That is when I realized “You can Buy Love”

I can have you, your soul and the minutes

And I hated it… I hated that I can have you

That I was above you…

That this love has economy written on it

I could play along, delude myself over it

We won’t have peaceful walks

There won’t be meaningful conversations

There won’t solitude for us, any reading in a corner nook

You never had the soul for it

We do not belong to one dimension

 I let go you like the rose that you should be

“You can buy Love”

I breathed a sigh of regret

Let me let go of you

That I may continue writing you a poem.


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