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There is a growing number of Camel milk enthusiasts globally, and the demand for certified organic commercial camel milk dairy has skyrocketed for a good reason.

Most of the farmers in Australia and Arab nations who focus on camel milk production are not focused on producing a high volume of camel’s milk. The goal is not to overuse and tire the animals, rather the process is slowly done, and motivated by love.

Unlike the process of milking cows, the camels in these milk production farms are given a happy home. There is respect for the animals and each camel is treated like a family member instead of a stock or machinery.

Camels are like people, and they too have different personalities. Camels have gentle souls, they are kind, loving and intelligent. This is why the harvesting process done for these camels is revolutionary. Camels are not forced to produce, instead, farmers sit and talk to them about what’s going on, like a friend. Camel’s Milk is produced and harvested with care, attention, and love.

The awareness is high for Camel milk producers, and they are setting up a new system that will change the way milk producers interact with animals.

The Global camel milk industry is still dominated by countries like North and East Africa, and the Middle East but countries like Australia are gaining an edge, by 2021 more Australian camel milk producers will be created. As the increase of awareness about the goodness of camel’s milk will lead to an Asian expansion.

One of the elite and luxury high-end services provider Alta Gift Basket in Manila is eyeing on including luxurious camel milk products in their most coveted Alta Gift Baskets. It will be marketed together with chocolates, wines and other high-end services.

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Growing Demand of Camel’s Milk in the Asian Elite Market

There is a rise in the number of Asian elites who are switching to Camel’s milk due to the numerous benefits it is able to provide. Countries like Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia can’t get enough of this super-healthy milk.

There are a lot of international buyers and Australia is reaping the benefits, it is also a noted fact that the camels in Australia are disease-free. The Camel’s Milk that will be sold through Alta Gift Basket through its platform is 100% wholesome, raw and natural. There are no additives, preservatives nor sweeteners.

Camel’s Milk Benefits and Nutrition Value

Camel’s Milk is super rich with vitamins and nutrients that are not found in regular milk.

A single cup of camel milk contains vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, 10% of protein, 11% of Potassium, 15% of calcium, 70% of Vitamin B1 and 15% of Phosphorus.

How Does Camel milk taste?

Camel milk tastes just like cow’s milk, although there are slight variations, and it is slightly salty, but also smooth and has a refreshing taste. It is a type of milk that even children can enjoy.

Before the camel milk is packaged, it undergoes lab testing to see if there are traces of bacteria and pathogens before it is packaged and sent out for global shipping. Camel milk can be combined with chocolate, strawberry syrup, or sprinkled with natural sweeteners or added to your favorite fruit smoothie.

Why is Camel Milk Expensive?

Camel milk is rare and hard to produce, there are only a handful of farms globally that are focused on producing it. Camel pregnancies also last longer than humans, it takes 13 to 14 months before a camel gives birth, and only a few companies in the world have state of the art camel breeding technology unlike in the Middle East.

There are also some research studies that show that camel milk can be helpful for people with autism, food allergies, hepatitis B, Type 1 diabetes and individuals with autoimmune diseases, according to expert Lori Chong, a registered dietician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

“Studies have shown that the consumption of camel milk increases the bodies’ production of antioxidant enzymes thereby lowering oxidative stress within the body,” Chong said. “Studies have also shown that daily consumption of camel’s milk can improve glycemic control while also lowering the insulin requirement of people with Type 1 diabetes.”

According to the scientific research that they have released in the Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, it shows that camel’s milk is a good alternative for people who are undergoing insulin therapy because it has the ability to improve their long-term glycemic control and reduces the doses of insulin needed with patients who have Type 1 Diabetes.

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