Blogging for Business and How it Can Increase Your Sales

Blogs Matter

Not a lot of companies in the Philippines realize the value of a blog on their website, many spend thousands of pesos on advertisements and video marketing, but have not yet learned to maximize blogging as a way to increase organic traffic to their brand. Competing with online videos and Facebook video ads nowadays, requires that you work on your content in every aspect, you cannot expect one video to help you go viral and help you retain the sales- it is only through blogging and proper keyword use that you actually attract the right clients who are looking for what you have to offer. If your business does not have at least 300 blogs that are Google searchable then you are losing major profits. Whether you like it or not, serious buyers and intelligent buyers are the ones who take the time to type in certain keywords on Google to help search for your product.

Not all Facebook pages or Instagram pages can perfectly interpret what the brand is all about. Companies still need to work on their own website, their own blogs and find a way to catch and hook the client inside their world, instead of relying on a third party to help market them.

Blogging for Business Helps you Build a Target Niche

While video marketing is good, sometimes the audience is not well selected. Even algorithms on Facebook cannot guarantee that you will find the best audience for the video or the ads you are posting. But with blogging, you can target people by using particular keywords. You can portray a better idea of your brand since you can put it all the necessary information they need to know.  Something that a short video cannot provide, at times going the shortest route to explain your product is not always the best. If your product is complex, you need to take the time to educate your customer and the best way to do that is to produce well written blogs.

And by consistently publishing-related blogs to a certain business, you can gain the trust of readers and clients that are actually looking for you online. This works a lot for complex brands, for example, you are a software company, or you are offering the latest water filtration system in the world. Or you are selling a revolutionary cleaning product- creating blogs and taking time to explain the ingredients, the material, what the company is all about and even providing tips online can boost the number of people interested in the product. A business blog allows you to filter leads and customers. Authoritative business blogs help project an image of success and trustworthiness.

With the current set up of digital marketing online, it is so hard to gain the attention of clients nowadays. Not everyone would be able to find you on Facebook or Instagram, but there is a higher chance that you can rank yourself on Page 1 on Google searchers through effective and organic blogging. Google tends to select websites that contain long-form content, informative. For as long as your website offers the best kind of blogs, the right kind of information and not spammy in any way then you can have a chance instead of diving in the busy market place of social media.

Blogs still offer the most value, and yes despite the claim that people don’t read- some of the pickiest and careful buyers still read a lot of business related blogs before they buy. People still read to find the best answer for a certain problem they might have and find value in blog content.

Consumers find value in reading business blogs

People love reading blogs. Whether they are reading to learn how to solve a specific problem, figure out how to do something, or just to stay informed about a certain topic, U.S. consumers find blog content valuable. People who are really interested in buying, tend to read and make sure that their decision is right.

Blogs Can Be Targeted

To make the blogs truly effective, you need to plan them out and know your audience. You can ask bloggers to design a blog according to the type of customers you can to attract. You can create a simple blog for people you think might have lesser time to read and understand. But you can also create a blog for people who are keener and have an investor type of mind. Intellectuals want to find value in what they read, and they can be converted as buyers, once the blog you have posted has specifically answered their most pressing questions regarding your product you gain a follower.

Blogs serve as online marketers, with or without an actual salesman, you continue to generate leads. Even if no one is posting on social media, for as long as the information on the website can be found on Google search you are guaranteed to have someone checking your business. If you cannot afford to have a 24/7 person to answer all of the questions regarding your brand, putting up the How’s, Why’s, About Us and other pertinent details and trivia on your website is your best bet. A well-written blog can help gather hundreds of organic inquiry per day, and the best part about blogs is that the longer they stay on Google the more authoritative they become. Unlike Facebook Videos or posts that you need to share every day of the week- blogs are already inside Google search- your clients can read them anytime, and the informative blog can inform your clients how to deal with your products even while you are offline.





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