BlackPink Lisa talks about her SkinCare and Make-up Routine

BlackPink has become a global sensation overnight,  the power of K-pop influence is now undeniable as more and more Korean celebrities are recognized. With a whopping 13.1 million followers, one K-pop celebrity stands high in the ranking as one of the most followed Instagram influencers in Asia of all time.  Lisa was able to dethrone the Grils Generation Taeyeon, who previously had 12.9 million followers on Instagram.

Korean luxury skin care brands have gained significant traction and worldwide following due to the quality of their skin care creams, toners and who would forget the 7 to 12 Steps of Skin Care routine that they introduced in the global market. Coupled with Korean influencers and celebrities luxury skin care brands including the western ones like L’Occitane and Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream continue to top Amazon and online shopping portals for continuous sales.  Luxury skin care brands are here to stay for a reason, first, they are marketed by the most convincing people on the planet- K-pop superstars  and second is they are indeed effective.

Luxury skincare brands like Elemis have become best sellers globally even in countries like HongKong, Thailand, and Malaysia because they simply work. While the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream costs a lot and is undeniably expensive, the promise of greater skin and the maximum glow is real and clinically tested and proven.


BlackPink Lisa SkinCare

K-pop groups like 2Ne1 and BlackPink undergo rigorous daily training for almost every aspect of their life, and this includes improving their skin on a regular basis. In the past, Lisa of BlackPink stated that she did not even know how to put on her own makeup and she basically had to rely on watching make-up related videos on YouTube. Seeing that it was a part of their celebrity lifestyle to learn as much as they can with skincare and makeup she undertook the challenge and learned how to improve her skin.

Using different skin care products both Asian and Western brands have become a part of the life of Lisa Manoban. Apart from using skin care creams, toners they go as far as using brightly colored contact lenses to look more exotic on their photoshoots. Members of BlackPink like Jennie Kim are also known for using whitening eye creams and having pre-makeup rituals to make sure that they continue to have flawless skin, coupled with glittery pastel eyeshadows.

While they are on the stage, Lisa Manoban wants to create a certain person. She likes to show all the different sides of her, as much as she can. She mixes feminine styles, but make sure to mix it up with sexy and hip-hop elements to keep the vibe fun and daring. Lisa Manoban cares about the most little details, including the accessories to match her entire outfit, in that way she can become more confident on stage.

Strict attention to detail is what sets apart K-pop influencers and celebrities like BlackPink. Lisa Manoban also expressed her love for a glowing complexion, contour, and smokey eye. At times, she does not use eyeliner, but mascara she says is an absolute must. The style would greatly depend on what mood she is in for the day. K-pop influencers make sure that they do not stick to one style, like Sandara Park they prefer to mix and match brands, from casual to cool to make sure that their style remains charming and never boring.


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