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There is an economic boom happening in Baguio City and La Trinidad, and if you are dreaming of one day owning a profitable investment property in Baguio City, then you need to work with the best team there is. Vincent Wayang has years of training and experience. His team of marketers in Baguio City is well-trained, efficient and knowledgeable of the ins and outs of Baguio City.

VTW Real Estate Marketing was officially registered in 2016 and the company has quickly progressed due to the high-quality leads and service that is able to provide clients. VTW Real Estate marketing has various Baguio and La Trinidad lots for sale, most of which only require 30,000 pesos reservation. VTW Real estate marketing also offers installment lots for 2- years, and it is possible to own a lot in Baguio City for only 800,000 pesos due to the offer that VTW Real Estate Marketing is able to provide. The Baguio Real Estate investment properties they are offering is still one of the most affordable and sensible lots of investment in the area.  Most of the land and properties that they are selling are near schools or two-way wide road lane making the properties accessible.

VTW Real Estate Marketing is offering properties in Wangal, Irisan Purok 2 Project, Agapao Carino, Bakakeng Norte, DreamLand-Pinget and Balacbac.

Baguio Real Estate Properties come with a lot of advantages according to VTW Real Estate Marketing.  The properties are within rolling terrain meaning there is a  perfect view. The properties are accessible,  they are also ready for House building, and ready for titling. The lots they are selling already come with approved plan tax declaration and they are clean.

Buying real estate properties in Baguio City does not have to be a headache. VTW Real Estate Marketing in Baguio City and La Trinidad know what the are doing when it comes to real estate in Baguio City and La Trinidad they are number one. VTW Real Estate marketing has flexible payment options, the properties are near the road and they are very ideal for residential or investment purposes. Baguio City has a property value growth of 3% in just a year.

Investing in real estate is still one of the wisest things you can do, for the one you can generate passive income through it, and it is nearly tax-free. Your rental properties will work for you even as you sleep. By purchasing several rental properties in Baguio City you can generate enough income to cover the expenses. Baguio City remains one of the most visited areas in the Philippines due to its climate- which means you can enjoy the fruits of your investment within just a short period of time.


Baguio City and La Trinidad Real Estate investment is very ideal for people who want a steady cash flow upon retirement. The property can help supplement retirement years and provide income weekly or monthly. Real Estate is very resilient against stock market swings, it is secure when compared with traditional stocks or bonds. Investing in properties is an excellent hedge against inflation. As the price level goes up, so does the rental income you get from your property and your investment’s value. This means that real estate investors are protected against both the immediate and long-term effects of inflation.

Plus if you can imagine yourself in Baguio City, sitting on a comfortable home with the best climate, eating strawberries, lettuce and any vegetable you might think of. Strolling down the area for a refreshing walk or taking photos of an inspiring landscape then buying real estate in Baguio City or La Trinidad is always a sensible idea.

Get in touch with reliable people like Vinz Wayang, they are dealing with direct buyers only. You can contact him directly through ( Smart 09076321983) or (Globe 09555416555).  VTW Real Estate Marketing is one of the best real estate marketers in Baguio City. They can give you the best tips, suggestions and assist you with other related matters when it comes to buying and renting of real estate properties in Baguio City and La Trinidad.

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