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If you are looking for a reliable Baguio photography service then Hijo de Foto Studios is the way to go, the name Hijo de Foto  means  ‘ son of a photo’ and the term means the fruit of one’s talent in photography while playing around with the words of an old Spanish expletive, ‘ Hijo de put *”.

The owner Blaze Sy started this photography service as a hobby, but it became obvious that what he loved the most in the world to do is lucrative and could be a full-time thing. So in 2010,  he decided to evolve, coupled with passion and creativity they created a Photography service like no other.

Hijo de Foto  Studios offers services like Portrait Photography, Food and Product Photography,  and is also known for their wedding, birthday, christening, and corporate events coverage. They also offer Photobooths, Automated Photobooth including Live View. Hijo de Foto are generous with their customers and offer unlimited shots for the duration of their photo booth rental.

Armed with Professional studio lights with a softbox for Blur-free, sharp and softly lit photos clients can expect wonderful and customized results. The owners of this photography service are always willing to experiment and learn together with clients, they are flexible with customers needs and offer the best environment. Blaze Sy is inspired with finding ways to make every photo look elegant without losing the touch of simplicity.

Apart from providing excellent photo services, Blaze Sy is also into advocacies and is known for using his photography skills to send important messages to the world. One, in particular, is the Hijo de Foto Studios campaign regarding breastfeeding awareness portraits among other campaigns that the studio is known for.

Cafe Adriana Shoot by Hijo de Foto Studios

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