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Time is the most important thing in the world, instead of wasting your life cleaning your kitchen or your toilet, you can save more time and effort by hiring trustworthy and well-trained cleaners. Some consider hiring cleaners as a luxury, but it’s not really a luxury- today it is a necessity that you must not forego- the time you saved can actually be put into good use- instead of worrying about keeping everything squeaky clean, you can work on your pending business projects and meeting instead- or instead of wasting your Sunday morning getting angry with your family over the cleanliness of the house- you can just schedule a cleaner to go your condominium and get it over with- as smooth as possible.

You can also give your mother a treat and let her relax for an entire day and hire a cleaner while you take her out for shopping? Time is the most valuable thing in the world- and additional time to enjoy your day together with your loved ones is something you are guaranteed to treasure forever.

If you are married you can also treat your wife and get a house cleaner for the week, let your wife have a day off from all the stress and pressure. By allowing her to relax and having some time for herself, you improve your quality of life- you can reduce the arguments inside the home and find time to date each other- just imagine all the happiness you will feel by giving your loved ones the gift of relaxation and time to enjoy.

If you are a single mom, and you feel too exhausted to face the day- treat yourself. Get a cleaner who will do the heavy lifting and cleaning and take yourself out on a real relaxing day- why not? Life is short, you also deserve to be happy. Instead of putting all of your efforts in washing the dishes, cleaning the sink or worrying over the state of the tiles in your bathroom- call the experts and go get a new haircut- celebrate life!

If you are a businessman, and you hardly have any time for cleaning your own condominium, if you are too busy with your meetings and investments- instead of wasting your time doing the dishes, you can relax your body instead and do some relaxing activities to get your body right on track.

Let’s face it, time is moving so fast in Metro Manila and most of our precious time is spent on traffic- not to mention the fact that finding the right cleaner that is worthy is getting harder and harder every day.  The founders of the Clean by Demand app saw the need for efficient cleaning services in Metro Manila.  The number of working professionals are increasing, including single mothers and entrepreneurs that simply have no time to clean their condominiums.

Hiring a full-time housemaid is also becoming harder and harder, a lot of housemaid agencies charge expensive rates without a guarantee that the housemaid will stay for a much longer time. Also, due to the small spaces of condominiums, getting an additional person inside can make the space cramped. Instead of troubling and worrying about these things you can just download CleanbyDemand App on your mobile phone and schedule a thorough cleaning of the house.

The condominium and house cleaners of CleanbyDemand app are well trained, reliable and the company can vouch for their excellent work ethics. The cleaners that will visit your home are well equipped with the right tools, and they can guarantee the safety of your household items as well as your privacy.

CleanByDemand has screened every house cleaner before employing them. Thorough background check and police records were checked prior to hiring.  All of the cleaners of CleanbyDemand and helpers undergo training and proper code of conduct to ensure that the service remains high quality and commendable. Clean By Demand treats every employee with respect and makes sure that the working environment is highly professional. Clean By Demand calls their cleaners as partners and not just workers- rather they are one with the company and the founders are invested in making sure that every partner inside the company is given the right treatment and respect.

CleanbyDemand is offering personalized Housekeeping,  they can guarantee a 5-star hotel cleaning standard.  They are now available in service locations in Metro Manila: Makati, Pasig, San Juan, BGC/ Taguig, Pasay, Paranaque including Muntinlupa.

Deluxe Cleaning for 2 hours is at 400 pesos, while Premium Cleaning for 4 Hours is at 800 pesos. They are also offering the service called Yaya for a Day for 8 hours for only 1, 2000 pesos.

  • CleanBydemand is offering a 24 hr Guarantee if by any chance you are not satisfied with their services, there is a customer service representative that you can call and they will do all that they can to make sure that you receive outstanding service.

Visit them at their official website:


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