Authenticity in the Age of Social Media

2011 was the year Facebook became extremely mainstream, suddenly a Nobody is suddenly a Somebody. The louder you shout, the wider the audience- the platform was open to everyone – suddenly the people you were not able to reach and interact with are now within your reach.

Easy and Accessible. Affordable and anyone can be a star.

Facebook, helped a  nobody like me, get a platform I needed to express my thoughts. In a multitude of people my ability to write and converse and put interesting photos- catapulted me into meeting so many people that were previously not available to me- it gave more options to choose from. More than what I was able to handle.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for the ability to share my thoughts and for the time I was able to share my world and my experiences to everyone. Stranger or not, there were a lot of meaningful conversations and groups created- but in many ways is this Open- and accessible has its own Pros and Cons. One of which is my inability to decide if my life was a hype- was I inauthentic in any way- all my posts why did I share them?

Was I sharing them to make a statement, to help someone? to further a Cause or was this simply a tool for crying myself out. I did not know who I was at 22 and Facebook was a perfect platform for all my thoughts and worries- now 8 years have passed and I am still on Facebook, still measuring my worth and life decision on a social media tool where friends and strangers even political people and Corporate brands are observing to get to know me better and was I the one shaping social media or was it reshaping me in any way- and why are the likes so important to me- the influence? what was the point of it all?

The question suddenly dawned on me at 10:30 pm in the evening on January 21, 2018- who am I? what life did I create? I began to realize that I am now able to repackage myself and the way people perceived me no matter what- so I wanted to take the path of becoming Classified. What does it mean to be Classified- to be Classified means to gear away from Societal pressures by living a simple, quiet life- no one observing, and no outside influences, no likes and dislikes to tell me if my life is in shape- just me, the Universe and the reflection in my mind of what is peaceful.

I am starting my path to reclaiming my mind, and my conversations and while I would still use social media for work purposes ( because it is still the perfect tool for marketing anything you like to sell)  I hope to completely break free from it- and just live my life and use my time wisely. My 24 hours wisely- before this life cycle as Kali Alaia is over.

How did we live our lives before this? and is there a possibility of reaching out to more people without being constantly in check? I most probably would not be able to get out of it, immediately as I would have wanted to- so the goal is to use Social media to meet more people who are aligned- with the Universe of Abundance. If I am not able to break away from it completely for the moment- I should be able to use it as a force to reckon with in shaping the thoughts and minds of people to help them get in tune with the real dimensions of life- because there is so much more to know.

This is me breaking, bursting my own bubble and inauthenticity on Facebook and this is me reaching out to more people, to have more authentic conversations in the future- because I have not been faithful to mine for the past few years, but now as I am able to find myself- I can finally switch gear to speak about what truly matters- and while it is cliche life is meant to be lived- 24 hours, every minute of it, observed, enjoyed- even in small doses  and in beautiful teacups- observe your life and ask yourself AM I AUTHENTIC?

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