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Artificial Intelligence or AI is here and medical researchers and doctors are already collaborating and using machine and software in aiding highly advanced medical tools and therapies like that of Stem Cell Therapy. Intelligent machines or AI robots are getting better and better, it only makes sense that in the near future, doctors would merge intelligent technology with the latest advancements to prolong human life. To improve the study and use of stem cell therapy the aid of artificial intelligence is needed. AI robots are able to reason out, input knowledge, test out solutions, plan and even learn as they go.


AI robots are now so human-like, making it easy to incorporate AI approaches and integrate them with ongoing clinical studies including the field of pediatric cellular therapies and regenerative medicine. Doctors are now using AI techniques to develop personalized treatments using engineered stem cells, immune cells and regenerated tissues in adults and children.  Intelligent machines are now able to dissect the whole genome and isolate an individual patient’s disease in just a matter of minutes creating a very specific treatment that was not possible before. AI techniques are already in use in major California stem cell clinics as a way to innovate, simplify and increase improvement in the health of patients.  By combining human intelligence with machine intelligence there is now a higher significant impact on the end results of stem cell therapies being conducted. This all boils down to a growing interest in AI capabilities in applying algorithms and statistical models to come up with life-saving techniques.

Because of AI robots, stem cell patients are now given a personalized diagnosis and treatment. Eventually, more and more hospitals globally would be able to benefit from this. It means there will be more accurate readings of the status of health of patients, for example, women with breasts cancer can gain faster diagnosis and understanding of their condition. It means doctors would now be able to observe data faster and apply them to patients.

Stem cell clinics in the past suffer from loopholes, trial and error steps, production inefficiency and lengthy processes hindering the ability of regenerative medicine. But with the help of AI robotics the processes have been so much easier, artificial intelligence and automation, as well as robotic devices, made a lot of complex tasks easier. And there are more applications that are now being developed by advanced laboratory technologies to make the processes even faster. AI intelligence is expected to revolutionize the regenerative medicine area and tissue engineering area bringing a much more promising hope for patients.

70% Drop in Infection Rates

The use of medical robots in carrying out operations in hospitals has also reduced infection rate inside the operating room. Human errors like wearing the wrong clothing, or forgetting to wash up or wash up the surgical tools are no longer a problem in some major clinics and hospitals who are already using medical robots.

The use of artificial intelligence in stem cell therapies as well as other areas of medicine has an unimaginable potential. It can aid in the diagnosis of designing treatment plans that were not possible before. It will greatly enhance the effective delivery of stem cell therapy solutions available to man.


AI Robots will play a vital role in assisting doctors and clinicians to deliver their services in the 21st century. The goal is to make the services accessible to mainstream users. It is with the hopes that with the coming of the Artificial intelligence a lot of services in hospitals and clinics would be much cheaper because there would be lesser tests needed since there are now lesser errors committed due to automation. Artificial intelligence would also embark on deeper information search and learning, and come up with new approaches, that might not even be known to man yet.


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