Guy with no high end camera and barely working tripod captures fantastic photos of Manila Music Scene

Nyll Acosta has no formal photography training, no costly equipment just the eye for design and belief that if you want something bad enough you will be able to create it.
He is one proof that if you decide to get better at something, even if it takes you several years and even if you don’t have the expensive gears to do it- you can still create magic.
 The photos shared by Nyll Acosta feature a lot of underground music scene.  A lot of these photos are from his own depiction and versions of living in Metro Manila.
He specializes in taking candid shots of bands performing in nightly concerts and gigs around the metro- famous or not, it does not matter- Nyll Acosta’s images speaks of the other life, the other scene and another group of people that are largely ignored by the media but lead immensely colorful lives.
He does not use any high-end cameras to produce memorable images, all he has is a basic digital camera and he does not even use any tripod and when he does use a tripod he just buys one from CD-R King. It’s not really about having a fancy equipment- but the desire to tell a story using the photos.
Nyll Acosta uses Sony nex5n, lens is 16mm with pancake lens f2.8. Samyang 12mm f2, Sony50mm f1.8 (self5018) and Canon 50mm f0.95 Dreamlens. The software that he uses for editing is Lightroom at Photomatix.
The thing that sets Nyll Acosta apart is the attention to detail, he did not become an instant expert, there are a lot of photography techniques that he is still learning. But he did not allow the lack of expensive equipment to deter him- instead what he had- he used in different possible ways to express whatever he was feeling on the inside.
This does not mean though that he does not intend to purchase expensive equipment in the long run. This just means, that when you focus on something, you put your time and attention to it- you will grow even at the pace of one day at a time.
A lot of people dream of becoming expert photographers and get immediately discouraged when they do not have the means to purchase the items needed. Nyll Acosta, on the other hand, took his time, remained in sync with what he wanted which is to have the ” Spirit of a Photographer”. He was so consumed by it, the aspect of taking photos, learning at his own pace, taking information that is out there and learning one day at a time.
As a result, the photos are phenomenal-  you look at the photos that he is sharing and you would sense that the spirit of the one taking the photo is there. There is ” Being” and ” Presence” of the now in his photos.
In the age of social media, where everything is fast paced we are at times tempted to be excellent in just one day. This can get frustrating, we don’t have to do it all at once- as Benedict Cumberbatch would quote ” Just Do” and so Nyll Acosta did it!

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