About Kali Alaia

Kali Alaia is a Digital marketing platform that is composed of a group of elite writers in Asia. The website is one of the highest ranking SEO and website page in the Philippines.

Private individuals and companies who want to offer their services, make their products known using authentic and well thought out articles can contact info@kali-alaia-lightworker.com

We are open for Content Write-ups, Press releases and Brand partnerships all over the world.

www.kali-alaia-lightworker.com helps companies help put their message across using articles that are well crafted. We are effective in helping you create seamless articles and news updates that would help create organic PR and marketing for any concept, event or person you want to make known.

Kali Alaia is partnered with different tech start-ups and companies in the Asia and Europe. Our goal is to provide content that is easy to read, and does not seem like a marketing ploy. We make the articles heartfelt- and informative for readers.

We can deliver the content that you need to a wider audience, with over 600,000 views monthly all over the world including the United States, China, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway and Japan