A Couple’s Road to FOREVER: Ralph & Joyce’s Cook-Off Challenge


Food and Love for me are the two basic ingredients of life, together these two main components give that certain UMPF factor in our lives. A perfect DIET so to speak in existence that includes food to nourish our bodies and love to fuel our souls, now imagine having those in one combination, a definite match made in heaven!

Have you ever asked yourselves, How can this extraordinary recipe of food and love play a big factor in a newly weds life? Read on to find out.


Let’s backtrack a little bit, unlike most fairy tales Ralph & Joyce’s story (that’s our lovely couple on feature) is not for the faint of heart. Let’s just say that in a nutshell, their relationship is one that has been built over the years through countless cities and endearing letters.

Ralph and Joyce first got to know each other when they were in their high school years, Ralph was a young timid lad who was and still is a big Harry Potter fan, while Joyce was this sweet, outgoing and witty young miss.

According to the couple, they never really got to be together back then since they’re both hanging out in different clicks, but they admitted (just now) that they were each other’s “crush”.

Nothing momentous ever did happen until the very last day of their 3rd high school year dance, when subsequently, Ralph danced with Joyce’s older sister, prompting an admission that he actually wanted to dance with Joyce and is really taken by her but is just a little bit too shy to ask directly.

A couple of years went by since then and nothing eventful really did happen, (there was a miscommunication between Ralph and Joyce’s older sister – he thought that she would relay his confession to Joyce) leading to him to think that it was the end; Not knowing that her sister totally forgot about the event, not till social media  (Friendster) reminded her and eventually brought them together; both are unsure of how it started up, but it did (and we’re grateful for it!)

Both went into the same College under the same degree (Nursing) and the romance did begin (a little bit late thou), a couple of dates here and there but nothing too serious; (Both are focused on their studies), and like most of us LIFE got in the way of love.

When the time came for both of them to focus on each other and their budding relationship (just 10 months in), Ralph is already bound to migrate and live in the US for good. Leaving them with a harsh truth: stay together in an LDR type of relationship; or break-up.

None of them wanted to break-up, so they decided to wing it; against all odds stacked against them.

Choosing LOVE amidst all the pain and struggle a long distance relationship brings.

In the end, all is well, that ends well, for they did overcome! Just recently (this 11th of July 2017) after an arduous 8-year long distance relationship, with only letters, chats, video calls to go by, they finally celebrated their 1st YEAR Wedding Anniversary! (Congratulations LOVE BIRDS!)

*** Trivia: The 4 week Wedding preparation was the longest time they were together physically (insane right!), a true testament to deciding to chose one another apart from all their misunderstandings and misgivings.

Staying true to their commitment of love and being each other’s soulmate in a world that is tainted with cynics and haters. A tale that rises above the stigma of how a Long Distance Relationship will never work out.

Getting to know our Couple-Foodie Aficionados 

CLICK on THE IMAGES to get to know THEM a bit more


Passion for FOOD and each other

So how did these two survive an 8 year LDR?

A question that most of you might be asking, well let’s just say that their unique recipe is comprised of a couple of ingredients one of them is embedded in one philosophy they go by; you probably have encountered it; it goes, “If something is broken we fix it, we don’t throw it away”; one cardinal rule in their relationship that has stood the test of time and distance.

Another is patience and a whole lot of perseverance, the ultimate antidotes to their long withstanding obstacle, this proves true when faced with a problem they can’t readily fix: DISTANCE, especially when their significant other is nowhere near when needed the most.

A really great addition to the mix is their ability to accept each other as complete opposites. Ralph and Joyce are the embodiment of a true YIN and YANG. Joyce always being on the lighter side of things while Ralph maintains his air of ambivalence as he is more or less an introvert who would rather keep to himself and his thoughts on life and its realities. They learned to complement each other in such a way that completes them instead of separating them, combining their differences is never an easy task (we all know this) if not properly handled it can very much lead to a broken heart at best.

The couple’s ability to let LOVE encompass is another key, to leave small, petty arguments behind in the past where they belong and just focus on the present and their future.

Lastly, their LOVE for FOOD (yes! you’ve heard me right!) Ralph and Joyce are both food aficionados; they are extremely fond of food and it’s intricate culinary processes. As they say, you’ve got to find one commonality in that person you wanna be with to connect to their emotional core. They might be opposites when it comes to their music, fashion, and personalities BUT they are definitely ONE when it comes to FOOD!

They both have delicate palates that enable them to recreate a dish they’ve tasted, their love for food extends to their love for travel and culture; that’s why whenever they travel they chose to get to know a country’s culture through its taste (cuisines).

A gastronomical binge of exquisite cuisines is where they bond the most, that’s why it was no surprise to those who know them personally when they decided to launch of their own COUPLE COOK-OFF.




The mechanics are simple, they just have to pick a theme/signature ingredient for that day, and have a cookout! They then invite their close friends and family over to judge who won, and after a healthy competition, they would all sit down and have a meal together while enjoying the picturesque view of Hawaii in their backyard.

We have given the couple a set of questions that will dig a bit more on their love for food.

READ ON BELOW to learn more from these culinary match made in heaven!

THE Verdict

Whether it be Ralph or Joyce who won your hearts, there’s only one thing I can say, these two individuals have shown us a unique way of staying in love for more years to come, a real life inspiration to those wanting to spice up their married life!

An admirable display of their love for each other, a couple that is not afraid to test their own individuality and competitiveness. One sure way to continue growing and being better together.

We are truly humbled to be able to feature this amazing couple, we are grateful for they have shown us amidst all the recent negativity on marriage and love, that FOREVER exists.

We also would like to thank Ralph, for letting us use his own photos. He also is, by the way, a really talented photographer, and his wife is a consistent focus in his art photography as well as the magnificent view in Hawaii.

If you want to know more about their other couple bonding activity (the photography) let us know, we might do another feature on them and their photos.

We hope you enjoyed the article and have picked up a couple of tips for your own love story. Drop us a line or two below! We’d love to hear from our readers!

About the Author:

Marie Ritz Pay Seng is a nurse by profession but is a passionate digital content marketer/strategist, she is also an experienced social media manager who has worked with a number of local and international brands.

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