7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Daily

At some point in your life, maybe in your late 20’s or in your 50’s you reach a point where you finally say- that this is the year that you will take care of yourself- you have been taking care of the needs of others for the longest time. Giving your time to family and friends, co-workers who need your help- or you have been spending most of your time making sure that the life goals of your husband or wife are achieved- but you finally reach the realization that you have not been taking care of yourself the way you should.

You have been giving so much time to others, that you barely even know how to really and truly start your own life projects- Culture and society would often tell us that taking care of the needs of others is supreme love, that this is what will make us happy- but what they forgot to tell us is that taking care of the needs of others and sacrificing our own joy and self-growth is fatal- so this year, let me be the first one to tell you that yes- this is the year that you should start looking at your own needs and fulfilling them one by one-

Do not focus on the needs of others, if your own needs and emotional well being is sacrificed, as they say, you cannot give love if you don’t have it within you- so fill your cup today and learn the steps of how to truly care of yourself.

  1. Wake up and Set time for Prayer or Meditation

Believing in a Higher Power that listens to you and understands you is the best thing you can do to start the day. A lot of people just rush into the day, thinking that they can take in all of the toxicity of the people around them. But there are no invisible people, whether you are a CEO, a billionaire, or the most famous model in the world- you need to ask the help and guidance of the Creator. The one who is the main source of Energy and Light – without the guidance of the Higher realm- Jesus Christ- and the assistance and wisdom of the Angels like Archangel Michael and Gabriel, it will be immensely tough to face the day. Your social media news feed alone and your daily TV news has enough toxicity to last for the next 10 years of your life. So take care of yourself by asking for help, and by talking to God- and building a long term relationship that will help ease your mind and soul.  To be refreshed and have the mental strength to face your family, friends, co-workers, strangers and the people in your news feed you need God- the source of all Energy and Strength in the Universe.

2. Listen to a Soothing and Calming or Energizing Music

Life should never be too busy that you no longer have time to sit down and listen to your favorite song. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and music is one of the simplest and easiest ways to calm down and re-energize yourself. If you feel that your mind is cluttered, and filled with toxic and negative thoughts- go and select a song, or even an instrumental tune that could help you take a much-needed break- even just for a few minutes put in that favorite song of yours that reminds you of all the beautiful memories that life gave you-

3. Get a Much Needed Massage

If you are an introvert like me and you have a hard time reaching out with other people for support, then the best way and easiest way to connect with a human being without talking is by getting a relaxing Massage- Massages help soothe and heal the muscles and provides you with a human connection that is not judgmental and does not need to take away your energy. Massage gives you a much-needed break from it all, the constant thinking while at the same time providing your muscles soothing relaxation.

You can also try soothing essential oils, purify your room and relax your senses with essential oil that was designed to help you ease your anxiety. Essential oils are known for their ability to provide healing solutions- essential oils are interconnected with Spirituality. Some people use therapeutic grade essential oils to help them remove negative energy in the room.  Healing Solutions like Aniseed 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is one of the most highly recommended types of therapeutic grade essential oils that you can use. You can inhale the essential oil of your choice, to help you calm down during anxious moments or whenever you feel depressed or down.

4. Buy Something For Yourself

Taking care of yourself, should not mean overspending. Instead, you can buy something that is meaningful to you and will help your progress. If you have been putting off buying a dress that will help you look and feel better then go ahead do it. If you can buy other people gifts and give them your time- you should be able to treat yourself with respect. Buy something, a new book that will help your mind, a good book that can stimulate your brain-. Buy that travel ticket that you have been longing for the longest time and make sure that your travel is not work-related, rather relaxation related only-

5. Pamper Yourself

Don’t hold back in pampering yourself, it means taking a break, and doing things for yourself. This includes getting your nails done, having a foot spa, getting a new hair cut or just by taking the time to moisturize your skin. Your outer appearance, the way you look and see yourself in the mirror can boost your self-confidence. There is a reason why people invest in their own appearance, just as long as it is not for vanity reasons- but self-love reasons you should take it.  Purchasing that luxurious skin care cream, having a skincare routine, putting moisturizers on your face, being mindful and buying products that would help you look better is part of self- care. Getting that vitamin serum or using Vitamin C for the Skin is part of self-care. Looking and feeling your best is self-care and is not something you should be afraid of. Whether you are a man and a woman, you should be learning how to improve- how you look, how you feel is directly interconnected with each other and doing something that will feel rewarding and make you feel gorgeous and stunning is part of self-care. While it does not feel that it is, and you at times have this guilt trip over buying something for yourself, put that aside.

Get that facial treatment instead, buy that luxurious facial cream, try that Aztec  Secret Indian Healing Clay that you have been hearing about so much- because you deserve it- these products are intended to help people overcome your fears and were designed to help you feel better about yourself.

6.  Create A Vision Board and Look at Your Life Goals Again

You might have created a vision board before after watching the Law of Attraction, but sometimes even when you have already put your plans into paper, there are times where you forget. You become immersed in other people and you lose the plan, the strategies, the goals you have set for yourself at the start of the year. So go ahead, write that dream again on paper, your goals for yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up fixing other people’s problems that we forget our own dreams- that the main reason we are here on this earth is to understand our journey as a human being in relation to the people around us. Understand that your goal is to finish your journey and to do your purposes in life. Do not get lost in the purpose of others, do not waste your time in the judgment of others.

7. Taking Care of Yourself Means Connecting with your Higher Self.

A lot of the things we feel do not originally come from us, these are projections of other people’s feelings. Be mindful and be aware, self-care is about being conscious of who we truly are. Who are you? What are your own personal goals? Sometimes we think we are born to correct the ills of our family members, our mothers, fathers and the journey of our sister or brothers and friends- the other people around us. At times, we think our journey is to correct society- but self-care is understanding that it is our own soul that we need to heal- so that we can connect and align with who we truly are- Life should not be dreadful, life is meant to be filled with opportunities, joy- sincerity, love and light- and the only way to get there is by Loving Yourself. By focusing on you, on healing your wounds- so that you do not need to seek the medicine in others- All that you need- all that can make you feel right, all that can make you feel good, all that can make you feel that life is worth living for is already in You- just find a way to reconnect with your Higher Self.


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