9 Intriguing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Real Park Seo Joon

After the global success of the hit romantic comedy series What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, the global status and fame of Park Seo Joon have skyrocketed, leading to more fans who are curious about him. While his career did not necessarily reach immediate fame, his sheer hard work and perseverance eventually landed him as one of the hottest and most inspiring Asian Actors.

Here are some fun facts about  Park Seo Joon that you probably don’t know yet:

  1. After filming the hit TV series Hwarang, Park Seo Joon became really good friends with co-actors Park Hyung Sik and BTS Kim Taehyung. Seeing that he is the oldest actor among them, he became their guide and mentor. Both  Park Hyung Sik and BTS Kim Taehyung have expressed their admiration and support for Park Seo Joon. After the hit series Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, they still contact and meet each other for a drink or two, and usually, it is the BTS star Kim Taehyung who usually encourages them to go out together.


2.Park Seo Joon is an introvert, he is not described as a party person and would rather keep to himself in private. When around his friends he is most quiet, there are not a lot of photos showing him partying out- he is a very private person.

3. Park Seo Joon is actually a good singer and has an album on Spotify and other music channels, although he was caught seeing in a bad tune in most of his Koreanovelas like Fight For My Way and She Was Pretty, the real voice of Park Seo Joon is so smooth. Even if he was not an actor, this guy is sure to land a music contract due to the soothing and calming quality of his voice. Try listening to some of this song for Hwarang and other romantic comedies he has done. In the scene where he has a piano and he proposed on What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, he was singing with his real voice.

4. The real-life Park Seo Joon is not very self-assured, he confessed in an interview. He decided to begin acting when he was in middle school as a means to escape his shyness. He was so shy, he could not even order food at a restaurant because he was so embarrassed. He wanted to change that, that is why he chose the glamour of acting to become confident. Park Seo Joon, joined his schools’ animation club and then cosplay event, before he embarked on an acting academy, while many said it was too late to be an actor he did not give up and still pursued this career. ( Thankfully)

5. He became so good at what he does, that his acting is natural. Park Seo Joon said, that he does not like it when he can tell someone is acting. This is why he plays his role with ease and comfort, he wants to be relaxed and able to listen to others, so he can express his thoughts well.  Because his life was ordinary for the last 20 years of his life, it became easy for him to take on roles about struggling Korean Youths. He has struggled himself for the most part and lived a normal life, that is why when he acts in a Korean drama series the effect is natural.

6. Park Seo Joon before becoming famous, attended hagwon, or after school classes. He has experienced the life of middle-class Koreans, that is why he said that even if he became famous later on in life and after the age of 25, it became his strength. Starting late in the Korean industry was not a weak thing, rather a strong thing for him.

7. When interviewed how he was similar to the character Go Dong-man in ” Fight My Way” Park Seo Joon said that before becoming a famous celebrity, he himself lived in a small 285 aq. Foot studio apartment like his character, during the filming of the Korean series, he remembered his old life, the set of Dong Man’s apartment was very nostalgic for him.

8. After being released from the military, Park Seo Joon realized that he was naive about the world and learned the hard way. “When I was discharged from the army, I also thought that ‘things will work out exactly how I want them to.’ But when I faced reality, I saw the world keeps spinning even if I have nothing. I realized that I am just like a speck of dust in comparison to the world,” he said adding, “So, there may be those who saw Dong Man’s sudden outburst as just humor, but I strongly tried to portray that line so that it could be impactful to those with big dreams.” Like Dong-man, he just believed that he will just do it, even if he doesn’t succeed, he will just for it, and he did!

9. Park Seo Joon is trying to learn as much as he can on how to become a better influencer, at first he thought he was just going to be good actors. But after receiving so much fame outside Korea including the Philippines, Japan, China, and Singapore he expressed that he is having a hard time adjusting to fame. In an interview, he said

” The actor was once confused about whether he had to live as a man of integrity. Park felt it is impossible to live righteously only if he has to act out various emotions and roles. But after witnessing young fans following his characters and hairstyle he owned in the TV dramas, Park learned that his influence in the public is far bigger than he thought.

“People following my hairstyle and fashion is a small part that helps me behave when I’m off screen. The major reason is that I am an actor and have to make people share their feelings with me. If they know I am a different person in real life, it is impossible to make them believe in my characters on the screen,” the actor said.Park, who was born the eldest of three sons, always controlled himself in front of his brothers. He was worried they could follow his wrongdoings if he deviated from the exemplary life he lived. As a result, he became quiet and inexpressive at home.

“I still restrain myself when I go home. My parents would be surprised at how lively I become when I am out with my friends. This is my weakness but I have strengths too. I have leadership. I like to lead people and make a lively atmosphere at film shoots,” Park said.

“When I am acting on site, everybody focuses on me. So when I become sensitive, people find it difficult to talk to me. When I am happy, the atmosphere at work becomes lively too. So I try to force myself to feel good and act happy most of the time,” he said.

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