8 Warning Signs that You Might Have Cancer in Your Body

Cancer comes in different forms, there are some types of cancer that do not have immediate symptoms. The signs that we will mention here are some of the most common indications that something is wrong in the body.

1. Chronic Cough and Saliva tinged with Blood

Simple infections like bronchitis and sinusitis can lead to blood tinged saliva and persistent cough. However, if cancer is present in the lungs, head or neck, the cough will be persistent. It will recur, and could last more than one month. The mucus when coughed up contains blood, and when this happens this could be a huge indicator that the body is suffering from a form of cancer.

2. Sudden Change in Bowel Habits

Most of the changes that we experience with our bowel habits is caused by diet, the food we eat and the drinks we intake. However, if you observe that your stools or feces become pencil-thin, this could be an indication that something is wrong with the colon. Persistent diarrhea is something that you should look into as well. If you feel like you are constantly bloated even after having a bowel movement and if these lasts more than a few days then this is something that has to be evaluated. Having blood in the stools could also be an indication of cancer, as well as suffering from frequent rectal bleeding and presence of hemorrhoids.

3. Anemia or low blood Count

Anemia is when there is fewer red blood cells in the blood. There are different types of anemia and reasons why they happen. Some people suffer from this one because they suffer from lack of iron in the body. But if there is an ongoing blood loss, and you are feeling light headed for no reason then this is something that should be looked into.

4. Breast Lumps/ Breast Discharge

Some of the breast lumps are just non cancerous tumors or cysts, but to be sure nothing should be taken lightly. Breast discharge and breast lumps have to be evaluated every now and then by doctors. Breast discharge is common to some people, but if the discharge is blood and is coming from only one nipple then this could be a sign that cancer is present in the body.

5. Change in Urination habits

If you suddenly feel the need to urinate frequently, or you suddenly have slow urine flow, or small amounts of urine and a change with your bladder function, then this could be an indication of cancer.

6. Sores that Do Not Heal

If there are sores that do not heal, or take so much time before it heals is a warning sign that the body is fighting an infection. In a normal body that is not affected by cancer, wounds are easy to heal due to the immune cells that would rush to clear the wound, however when the wound is not healing for more than 3 weeks then this is a cause for concern as this is not normal.

7. Fever and Night Sweats

Fever and night sweats and trouble getting much needed sleep could be an indication that something is wrong with your body. Cancer can cause fever, and excessive body sweat.

8. Fatigue and Shortness of Breath

Unexplained fatigue and feelings of pain and tiredness could be a sign of cancer. If it doesn’t go away even as you get adequate sleep, then this is something that should be looked into. Fatigue and extreme tiredness could be a sign of leukemia caused by blood loss, as well as other forms of cancer.

Currently the most famous type of solution for Cancer is Chemotherapy, however many are now seeking alternative forms of treatment. Some are already banking on their hopes with futuristic cure for cancer like Immunotherapy, Stem Cell therapy and a new kind of therapy called Resonant Frequency Therapy.

What is Resonant Frequency Therapy?

Scientists are always trying to find ground breaking solutions to help end cancer and stop the reliance of humans to big pharmaceutical companies. One of the research that is now being focused on is the effect of frequency and sounds in micro organisms.

Resonant frequency therapy believes that living organisms are made up of liquid crystals. That we as humans are made of biological liquid crystal, and with the aid of special electronic signals, we can create a special kind of antenna that can shatter a living micro organism. Our current solutions for cancer has so many side effects. Drugs contain so many toxic elements, as well as radiation, which is why scientists are now studying the effects of electro magnetic waves to target and destroy cancerous cells.

Resonant Frequency Therapy believes that humans tend to get sick due to certain frequencies that are unhealthy, this will include signals coming from Wi-Fi and cellphones like 5G networks.

Resonance therapy is an alternative medicine, it is a form of regeneration process that can be achieved by means of frequency therapy. The scientists who first tackled and studied this is George Lakhovsky, Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife.

George Lakhovsky, a Russian scientist, was the first to claim that every cell has its own resonance frequency, and that humans start getting sick when this frequency is disturbed. His goal was to create a device that would be able to generate the ideal frequency field, and in broad range so that every ill person can be cured. The idea is that the device can be used to penetrate the body,and when the cells recognize this frequency it would start responding in a positive manner. Lakhovsky believed that it was possible to stop diseases like cancer, just by altering the frequency. He consulted Nikola Tesla regarding this, to create a device that would help this dream happen.

Nikola Tesla helped build the Multi-wave oscillator, this machine was designed to activate the healing processes of the body. Their works were displayed in 1920 and 1930’s in countries like France, Italy, England and Germany, but for some reason all traces of the research disappeared. The World War II also broke out, so most of their work was lost.

Despite the fact that most of the studies about this was lost, other researchers pushed through. This resulted to modern day alternative treatments, that most Hospitals still deny. Many were declared as fake or quacks, but it doesn’t diminish the number of people believing that these alternative treatments would one day help solve cancer and other illnesses by humans.

The Quantum Photon Light 3000

The Quantum Photon Light is a device that was inspired by the works and research of Nikola Tesla, it is a device that makes use of high energies or photons. It is focused on treating a specific part of the body. Researchers are claiming that when used this could lead to relaxed feelings and depression can be diminished. Cells will be aligned in the right frequency. It is said to kill harmful virus, fungi, yeasts and bacteria inside the body. The light that it emits and the frequency that it broadcasts can help the body experience healing effects.

Light Stream Technologies Inc.

There are now several companies that are introducing alternative solutions to cancer. The principles behind these studies are guided by the study of resonance therapy. Resonance therapy believes in nature’s healing. It is what is called as energy medicine, that no longer requires a new pill or surgery. It only makes use of energy waves that changes the body so that it can heal and cope with pain. These alternative healing methods believe that everything around us is frequency, every cell in our body and every molecule. Which is why it is vital for humans to understand how to control the changes and structure of these structures by way of frequency. Sounds, Frequencies and vibrations have great and profound impact on the body, and if would be able to study and maximize how to use the power of frequency and sound to help our body it has immense capability to change us.

Despite the success of resonance therapy, it isn’t widely promoted nor used yet. It is a legitimate cure, however no pharmaceutical company will invest in it. Most health clinics and doctors are also not ready yet nor equipped to introduce this to humanity. However, the principles and healing ability of these studies have already been proven by many. For people who are tired of traditional medicine, and want to be bold to try something new that could potentially save their life, ample study of Resonance therapy and frequencies is needed.

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