8 Signs of Liver Damage | How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help

There are different reasons as to why a person will suffer from liver damage. People who do not consider their eating and drinking habits can suffer from liver damage. Conditions like fatty liver disease and cirrhosis can occur and this could be because of drinking too much alcohol and eating too many fatty foods.

Here are some of the early signs and symptoms of Liver Damage that you should look out for:


One of the early signs or symptom of liver damage is jaundice. If the skin starts turning yellow, and if the whites of the eyes, tongue as well as the fingernails starts looking yellowish. This occurs because there is now too much biliburin in the blood. This is one of the major signs that a person is suffering from liver filtering problems, first it affects their bloodstream and then it starts to show up on the skin.

2.Extreme Fatigue or Tiredness

Another sign of the presence of liver damage is extreme fatigue. People who have liver damage experience feeling tired all of the time, and they get exhausted faster. This is because the liver is responsible for providing the body energy by converting glucose into glycogen, once the liver is damaged the ability of the body to produce adequate amount of energy is affected. If a once energetic person suddenly starts feeling lethargic and tired on a regular basis, this could be a sign or symptom of liver damage.

3. Loss of Appetite

If a person who once had a voracious appetite suddenly lost the joy to eat or do some food crawl in the neighborhood, this could be a symptom of liver damage. People who have extensive liver damage may not feel like eating as a result of the problem in their bile production. This is because their body is no longer able to break down the fats into fatty acids so the body can utilize it. Once there is liver damage a person loses their need to eat since they are not able to digest their food properly. This could lead to sudden weight loss.

4. Diarrhea & Nausea

Frequent diarrhea and feelings of nausea could be a sign of liver damage. Along with the fact that the person loses their appetite to eat. The body also suffers from diarrhea which could become fatal if left unchecked.

5. Having Trouble Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Certain sleep disturbances and the inability to have a good nights rest is something that should also be looked into. Once there is liver damage a person will have a hard time breaking melatonin resulting in daytime fatigue and nighttime alertness.

6. Easily Bruised or Bleeds Easily

A person suffering from liver damage lacks the ability to prevent blood loss in their body. The liver is responsible for the plasma in the body, and when it gets damager this can lead to easy bruising and bleeding. The body is not able to absorb vitamins properly as a result. People with damaged livers will bleed or bruise easily because their body has few blood clotting proteins and they have a problem absorbing vitamin K. Even just a small injury could be problematic for them and can lead to severe blood loss.

7. Change in the Color of Stool and Urine

A person who has liver damager can suffer from dehydration. The urine they excrete can appear darker than usual. They need to drink a lot of water to provide balance in their body. An ill functioning or damaged liver will cause the urine secretion to change color. Dark urine and dark stools could occur. Dark urine and a pale looking stool is a cause for alarm. Stools will start to appear grey like, pale, yellow or clay like and this can signify problems with bile production.

7. Red palms or Palmar Erythema

A noticeable reddening of the palms should get checked by a doctor. If the lower part of the arms starts to look reddish and it also affects the fingers this could be a symptom of liver damage. This is due to hormonal changes that are brought about by the problems in the liver. Around 23% of people with cirrhosis of the liver expereince reddening of their palms.

8. Bad Breath

Noticeable bad breath is a sign of liver damage, while most types of bad breath could be due to eating habits and hygiene. The extreme kind of bad breath is a sign that there could be something wrong wiht the liver. When the damage in the liver is so severe this can lead the infection to rise up to the lungs causing Fetor Hepaticus. There are some medical experts who smell patient’s breath to determine if they have liver failure.

What is Stem Cell Therapy and how it can help people with liver damage?

Stem cell therapy is an alternative treatment for people with cancer and liver damage. Countless clinical trials have already proven that stem cell treatment works. In 2019 there is 2 HIV/AIDS patient who was cured using stem cell therapy. Liver damage and cirrhosis is now a part of the diseases that can be cured using stem cell therapy. With the help of medical experts, a combination treatment can be done for liver damager patients to check what type of stem cell therapy will fit them. Some treatments involve a combination of mesenchymal stem cells and induced bone marrow-dervived macrophages, reduced fibrosis and the use of promoted regeneration of cirrhosis-damaged liver.

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