8 Reasons Why You Will Put Strong Woman Do Bong Soon On Replay

Despite being released in 2017 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is still capturing the hearts of many after it was released on Netflix. After all this K-drama has something for everyone, and was created for hearts made of light.

There are a lot of K-dramas wherein you simply like to watch because you have a crush on the lead characters, but Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has invested time and effort in developing all characters that you cannot help but re-watch it over and over again. This is one of the most successful Korean dramas to grace the screen due to its effortless fun, and heart warming love.

1. Adorable Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young is known for being professional and giving her whole heart and love for every project she is given. Her role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon sealed her fate as one of the most adorable characters in the Korean Drama World- her character Bong Soon was really quirky and fun. She was strong and yet weak. She was funny and serious, she was loving and angry at times. There is a lot of flavor and texture to her character in here making it always worth your time to watch. A character that is hardworking, passionate, with focus and best of all kind.

2. Intensity and Passion of Park Hyung Sik

This was the role that made Park Hyung Sik globally famous, the intensity, passion and natural chemistry between them. The honesty of the interaction in the scenes and how love for work and commitment to the role made this very memorable. Park Hyung Sik played the leading man role so well, with such commitment and power in his gaze. Even co star Park Bo Young admitted that she cannot help but fall in love with his intense gaze. He is one of the many few, who successfully transitioned from a career in music to one of the most recognized Korean drama actors. Park Hyung Sik makes the romantic scenes extra dreamy- you can feel the heart in this Korean drama, no doubt that there was really love swirling around the room.

3. Undeniable Love Between Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik

Although they did not become a real couple in real life, in this Korean drama dimension, they honestly fell for each other. In separate interviews both have admitted that they had a crush on each other even before the filming started and Park Hyung Sik was very candid in admitting that he accepted the role when he was informed that it was Park Bo Young whom he is going to work with. It was indeed love at first sight, during the press conference interviews, fans can see the love and attraction between the two. This Korean drama series had honesty and the air of love in it- the characters were really leaning into each other, making one believe that it is not mere acting but a real feeling inside their heart.

Ahn Min Hyuk fell in love at first sight with Do Bong Soon, so I loved Do Bong Soon completely. Since I was adopting Ahn Min Hyuk’s emotions, our kiss scenes were really natural and nicely shot. I felt she was important and I cared for her. As their love became mutual, Ahn Min Hyuk’s genuine affection for her started showing. Of course, I think it was because Park Bo Young was so lovable.” — Park Hyung Sik

And Park Bo Young also admitted she easily could have fallen for his intense gaze. “Park Hyung Sik has a sweet gaze. If he had just looked at me like that, I would have swooned, but he even looked at the director in the same way.”

They were even very much disappointed when the 5 months shooting time was done. As we all know, both are very famous all over the world. Entering in a relationship during that time would have been hard. To preserve the love and friendship, perhaps they both have chosen to keep it that way rather than end up in divorce in real life, still the best decision! Both Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young continue their friendship off screen, sending each other congratulatory Churros and coffee when they each started filming their new shows, how sweet and supportive of each other’s growth! ah true love!

4. Powerful and Adorable Cast

Everyone in the cast stood out, and portrayed interesting characters. From the crazy thugs, to the Teenagers who adored Bong Soon and Called them their boss. Even the villain is creative and interesting. The policemen were adorable even the best friends of Bong Soon both male and female, even her family from her brother to grandmother were all adorable characters. Everyone was given a good role to portray.

The strong characters and funny characters are well played giving the drama a very strong case- it was witty, funny, well thought out Korean drama series that made us laugh and cry and want more. A lot of us who watched this K-drama had a hard time saying goodbye. Most of us just forget the other K-drama actors inside a story but in Strong Girl Bong Soon each of the characters were very memorable. You feel as though you want to become a part of their family.

This K-drama has romance, action, mystery, family drama, and even fantasy!

5. Balance of Love and Good Work Ethics

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon tells an intense story about love and sacrifice. But also a proper work life balance, despite the ensuing battles and love boiling between the both of them. The characters manage to be responsible and work loving people. Most of all fun people who respect their job and their time. This reminds you that you can fall in love and not sacrifice your hobbies, interests and personal growth and that in finding a partner you should find someone who will also grow together with you rather than hold you back.

6. Funny and Memorable ” Chief Kim”

Chief Kim undeniably stole the spotlight on a lot of scenes and gave us all a good laugh. His portrayal of the role was something we looked forward to, he was really funny, intense and unique in the way he delivered his lines. Even his co actors could not help but laugh during filming. Park Bo Young admitted herself that she had a hard time containing her laugh whenever Chief Kim was portraying a role due to how good he is.

7. Bong Soon Uses Her Strength to Help the Weak

The main character has a heart of gold and is not afraid to sacrifice for the ones she loves even to strangers. She is the classic good girl, and uses her strength to protect and perform kindness. Even teach kindness in the community making this Korean Drama Series also very good not only for the heart but also for the soul.

8. Beautiful Korean Drama Series Aesthetics and Cinematography

This Korean drama series was styled so well, the design of the posters, the clothes of the actors, everything looked easy on the eyes and had matching colors. There are a lot of scenic shots when you watch the series depicting the sensibilities of Korean drama creators. They definitely put in work with the color grading, design schemes in each shot making this a true Korean drama series masterpiece.

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