7 Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is painful due to the fact that the memories of a person is altered, and at times even removed completely. It starts by forgetting basic learned information just like important dates, and events, and progresses into forgetting the names of family members and other more crucial information about the life of a person. It hinders the total quality of life of the person affected.

Here are the signs and symptoms which are common to people with Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Difficulty with working with numbers and following a plan

If a person begins to have challenges in planning or solving problems, or working with numbers. Remembering lists of things that they usually buy inside the grocery, following a traditional recipe that they always cook, or keeping track of monthly bills. If a person is suddenly having difficulty in concentrating, and is taking much longer time to do the usual stuff and tasks that they are used to doing in the past, this could be a warning sign that a person might be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They might suddenly forget the rules of their favorite game, or a familiar location where they frequently dine.

2. Starting to get confused with Time and Place

If a person suddenly loses track of time, or if they begin to forget what date it is, what season and how much time has passed. If they begin to forget what exact dates they are in and have a very hard time realizing what day of the week it is. Some sufferers or Alzheimer’s Disease might begin to think they are 10 years younger, or they might instead be recalling the life they have 10 years ago, and fail to grasp and understand what they are doing in the present time.

3. Difficulty in reading and and comparing contrast in colors

One of the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, it when a person suddenly has a hard time reading. They might also have problems in judging distance, and identifying colors and contrast while doing tasks like driving. Alzheimer’s disease sufferers have problems with following or joining a conversation, and begin to have issues with their vocabulary. Writing down their own thoughts and recalling things for their journal or even their blogs could be a sign that trouble is happening inside their brain.

4. Less Attention to Grooming

The attention span of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is declining. Leading to difficulty in concentrating,which can lead them to forget doing basic things like taking a bath and proper grooming. Their attention span decreases and it affects their total quality of life.

5. Difficulty in Sleeping Patterns

Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease start to experience sleep disruption and other sleep disorders that increase the risk of suffering from decreased attention span throughout the day. Because of sleep disorders people who suffer from Alzheimer’s might have trouble in decision making and become very impatient. They also begin to suffer from attention deficit disorder.

6. Withdrawing from Work and Other Social Activities

Because of depression and mood disorders caused by the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, a person suddenly withdraws from social interaction and other activities that they used to love. They begin to have insecurity issues due to their inability to follow a conversation, and this causes them to stop doing their usual hobbies and attending social engagements. People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease begin to suffer from mood and personality disorders. They could become fearful, anxious, confused and suspicious of the people around them. They get easily upset with their family and friend and would often feel out of their comfort zone.

7. Fatigue and Loss of Energy

People with Alzheimer’s begin to suffer from loss of good daily habits and this includes poor nutrition. Many people with Alzheimer’s begin to have unhealthy food cravings, and tend to eat more sugary foods, that affect their energy. Poor nutrition is the main culprit as to why they begin to suffer from fatigue and loss of energy. Some may either over eat leading to obesity, or avoid eating at the right pace leading to malnutrition.

Who is at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s is a very mysterious form of disease, but it is often associated with aging. People who reach the age of 60 years old and above, are already at risk due to the fact that this is when the cells inside our body begin to decline and waste away. If not given a proper remedy, many of us even without Alzheimer’s disease would begin to experience several of the symptoms mentioned above. However, despite our best efforts we will all face aging, just at a different pace and rate, and depending on our genetics. Which means, that each and everyone of us should be preparing for the future, on how we will combat the harsh effects of aging.

How to Feel Good At Any Age?

Lourdes Duque Baron, an award-winning author, film producer, musician, humanitarian and soon to be film director is one of the many few who do not fear Aging and its symptoms. By the grace of the merciful God she was able to discover a secret that has changed her perspective about aging.

Reaching the age of 70 should not be filled with depression and isolation. It should not mean a dead end to all our hopes and career.

We have been equipped with wisdom and intellect so we should take advantage of it. Lourdes Duque Baron is able to say with conviction that 72 years old is the new 32 all because of the – Power of Stem Cells.

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Stem cell therapy is not new, in fact it has been around for more than a decade now. Each year the proponents and believers of stem cell therapy add to their clinical research and improve. Stem cell therapy is now used to cure a range of diseases caused by stem cell decline and this includes Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, diabetes and could now be used to replace injured or diseased tissue organ making it the most revolutionary kind of treatment right now.

In fact, stem cells is currently able to do much more due to the advancements. It can already help develop new heart muscles so that the heart can repair itself, it can also be used to study diseases, identify new drugs and provide anti-aging treatments and solutions that make a person much more energetic.

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People who are in search for the the next best solution should seek alternative therapies like Stem cell therapy and anti-aging treatments that would help them live their best life– Feel Good At Any Age with the Power of Stem Cells!

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