7 Fun Facts About Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon has won the hearts of many after What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim was included on Netflix, the world got to know Park Seo Joon better.  Here are some fun facts about Park Seo Joon that came from a number of interviews by Korean talk shows during the start of his career and later on after he got immensely popular.

  1. Park Seo Joon is A Perfectionist At Work

Park Seo Joon, gives his all when he is acting and is known for being dedicated to his profession. He internalizes his character well and takes the time to train. His character as Dog Bird and Dong- Man challenged him to exercise more and learn actual skills in fighting including martial arts. He trained exceptionally well training his body well and the results are phenomenal. Co-actors like Jiwon commented on how she fell in love with Park Seo Joon’s physique during an interview.

He really strives to become like his characters, since Park Seo Joon doesn’t want his fans to be disappointed, he gets immersed in the characters he is playing, if the character is strong and kind, he strives to be that kind of person too- he usually trains his mind to believe that the character is real and takes them on- creating a natural acting effect- he doesn’t like fake acting – the essence of the character he internalizes well.

2. Park Hyung Sik Considers Park Seo Joon as His Acting Mentor

Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon worked together on the series Hwarang, and since then has become like brothers. During an interview  Park Hyung Sik openly expressed his admiration for Park Seo Joon and considers him as an acting mentor. Both Park Hyung Sik and Taehyung of BTS and Park Seo Joon maintain their close friendship. They still contact each other even after Hwarang is over, TaehYung even saved Park Seo Joon’s number as Dong Man. They are super close friends, sometimes they even sleep over each others house to watch the movie together. It doesn’t come as a surprise since they will normally understand each other since each of them is equally famous.

Park Seo Joon also considered himself as an older actor who wanted to guide his fellow actors in Hwarang. This made Park Hyung Sik and Taehyung respect him even more, instead of competing, he wanted them to grow and be professional with work- making him a respected mentor for both.

3. Park Seo Joon at one Point admitted that he Felt attracted to Kim Ji-Won

When asked during a live awarding show if at some point they felt attracted to each other while working during ” Fight for My Way”, both Kim Ji-won and Park Seo Joon admitted that they did feel attracted to each other. While there are no confirmed reports that they had ever been together, and that no actual admission of being together as a couple was confirmed, it was really cute of them to be truthful and honest about it. This would come as no surprise since both of them are really intensely cute and attractive, the chemistry is undeniable in the show ” Fight for My Way”

4. Park Seo Joon Was not the Favorite of his Father when he was growing up

During an interview in his early days before he became immensely famous, he did express that his father and Park Seo Joon wasn’t always that close. He was not the favorite son in their family and did not talk often. He wanted to play baseball professionally, but since his father thought that his brother was stronger he was the one given the opportunity. Before he became an actor, he did not really have much of an idea on what to with his life, not until in 9th grade when a classmate told him that he should become an actor. He got enlightened and thought that he had a chance, and this is where he started getting inspired to go on acting. He used to be top 37th in their class but since he wanted to prove to his father that he can make it good in acting, he studied hard and became 6th in the class. After seeing his perseverance they gave in allowed him to take acting classes.

While Park Seo Joon and his father weren’t that close before, this all changed in 2017 after he won the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, he went up on stage and thanked his father. For without his father he wouldn’t be Park Seo Joon. Now his father says, people know him as the ” Father of Park Seo Joon”, initially he felt bad about this, but realized that family is valuable. Park Seo Joon advised his fans and audience worldwide to love their family, as he expressed hope himself that he would have more time for his own family.

5.  Park Seo Joon is Currently Single and has given up on Dating

For the moment, Park Seo Joon is still single and decided he has given up on dating. He expressed that he is too busy with work and that work is the priority as of the moment. He is busy taking care of himself and wanted to be the best that he can be. There had been numerous rumors that he is dating, but  there are no exact confirmations not even with Park Min-young.

Park Seo Joon lives alone as of the moment, at times he feels alone and he questions himself why he is alone after doing the laundry and dishes all by himself. But with numerous projects at hand, and the ability to go anywhere in the world including Paris and watch baseball at any given time, this no longer becomes an issue. He doesn’t want to bother his family regarding household chores, so when he is back in Korea, he just does the household chores on his own.

6. Being in the Military Helped him Realize He wanted to be an Actor

Before entering the military he was confused with his dreams, but after being sent to serve and working in the Correctional Facilities, in Chung Ju Prison, he began to appreciate his life. He saw so many prisoners, their life and he was trained to be mentally tough and strong. A lot of the experiences he got from serving in the military taught him to have discipline and to dream higher. Park Seo Joon, used to photocopy papers for the Correctional facilities, and he would often see crime scenes in the documents, at first he was scared of the actual crime scenes they are handling, but when he became an actor, he realized that these experiences gave him emotional depth as an actor. He considered these experiences as beneficial for him in the long run.

7. When He Dates  A Woman, He Gives His All So He won’t regret it

Although he doesn’t seem to be dating much these days, due to work-related reasons. He did fall in love before when he was in 9th grade. He wrote her love letters, they got separated when each of them went to different schools. That is the first love he remembers, he does not seem to remember or talk about other dates he has gone. But he did say, that when he is in love he does everything that he can with his ability, so he will never regret. He expresses what he feels, sometimes it is  too strong- he wants the other person to know that he loves her, as he would put it he does not want to regret that he did not do everything for the person he loves- Park Seo Joon does not want to regret when it comes to love.



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  1. PSJ is a private person in his personal life ..so is PMY. He will not date publicly but when the BIG
    DAY COMES..will be known..they both know what they want in life.

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