6 Traits You Need to Have to Get a Job in Digital Marketing

A lot of people are already switching to a digital marketing career, people want to have the freedom of working at home, or traveling anywhere they like while still holding the career of their dreams.  20 years ago this would have been a myth and be working a 9 to 5 job is still the norm. But with the opening of new jobs in the digital marketing field, from advertising, trading and even in the medical profession you can now work comfortably anywhere in the world. Your laptop and a Hi-speed wifi connection is now the only thing that you need and you can make endless streams of income.

But how and what kind of attitude do you need to have? Are you fit for a digital marketing career? What kind of attitude do you need to have to be able to shift to digital marketing?

  1. Unwavering Confidence

The tech industry is composed of talented and creative people, and most of them think on high speed- this means, they are most likely influencers, thinkers, and visionaries which means you need unwavering confidence so your ego and self-esteem issues will not affect you during your learning process. The tech industry is fast and made up of programmers, hackers, SEO experts, content writers, social media managers, graphic designers and creatives that don’t think on normal terms- to land the digital marketing job that you have been hoping for- you need a strong character for it- which means you need to build your confidence and networking capabilities- to land jobs and maintain them. Digital Marketing is for Confident people- who are not afraid to speak out their thoughts- and face complex thought patterns- there will be new information every day – you have to be ready for it to survive.

2. Willingness to Adapt and Learn Something New

The Tech industry does not welcome egoistic people because technology constantly evolves, no one can say that they are an expert on everything- not with technological advancements. For this reason, even top programmers and experts of SEO need to adjust and learn every single day- there is always something new. A new mobile app, a new way to understand analytics,  new products- and better way of understanding a concept- it is a never-ending field of knowledge – even if the job is from 9 to 5, it will constantly require you to evolve and welcome in new information- technology is fast- it will not wait for you- and you cannot claim it as your own- which means there is no need to compete- the playing field is wide and everyone in this department needs to learn and exceed their current information to stay on  top of their game.

3. Patience and Willingness to Learn How To Write

If you want to become a really good digital marketer, you need to create your own content- you need to be able to express yourself to become a Self Made Digital Marketer. If you plan on entering the market, but have zero networking capacity, or have zero ability to express how you feel  in a genuine way, let alone express it on written terms you will have a much harder time landing clients- unless of course you just intend to create applications or software- Digital marketing is a totally different game- if you want to land on several contracts, you need to know how to produce content. If you are not comfortable with write-ups, blogging or creating your own website- you should learn how to create your own videos- or Podcasts and find a way to express and share knowledge to attract potential clients.

4. Strong Online Presence+ Branding

How can you possibly enter the digital marketing world and land a decent job here, without fully maximizing your online tools? It is just impossible if you want to get noticed and land a job – you need to be patient in building your Online Persona. A Strong Online Branding, clean and effective way of expressing who you are to the public wins client confidence. Learn your way and use every possible way to gain attention- if you cannot handle 4 or more social media accounts, just make sure to at least work on 1 or 2 social media accounts may it be Facebook Groups or Linkedin to make sure that your thoughts are being shared on a wider platform.

5. Dedication to learning the Components of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is composed of Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing ( Blogging, Press release, Social media write-ups, and updates) Paid Search or PPC, Email Marketing,  Social media marketing, Digital Display Marketing, Web Analytics and Reporting and Mobile Marketing. While no one can master all of these components, learning how one or three components and understanding them by heart, can already land you a lot of customers no matter what field you are in. It is never too late to understand how it works, all of these components are easy to learn online and for free too!

6. Authenticity

It would be hard to survive in the digital marketing field if you are purely copying. While copying is key in understanding basic concepts, at some point you need to come up with fresh content and ideas that are true to you and what you stand for. Digital marketers need to be authentic as digital users tend to be more curious and honest with their thoughts and emotions. This is something that is hard to manipulate- by all means learn how to be authentic and produce original content and to stay true to your branding and online message so you can stand out as a digital marketer.




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