6 Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a form of illness that affects the protective cartilage that cushions the end of the bones, once it begins to malfunction it affects the bones and wears it down over time. Osteoarthritis can damage any join, it can also affect the hands, knees, hip and the spine.

A lot of people just tend to live with the pain caused by osteoarthritis due to a busy lifestyle.However as one begins to age the body deteriorates and further damage occurs and this is when osteoarthritis becomes severe. There are two cases of Osteoarthritis. The first one occurs in the spine and the other affects the hip.

Here are the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis:

  1. Chronic Pain- if your joints hurt while moving, or after a movement and the pain keeps on recurring this could be a sign that you are suffering from Osteoarthritis.
  2. Join Stiffness– if you observe that your joints feel stiff upon waking up and even while you are inactive this could be a sign that your osteoarthritis is progressing.
  3. Tenderness– one of the symptoms is when your joints feel tender, even if you are just putting a light pressure near it.
  4. Loss of Flexibility- if you have a hard time moving, dancing and doing regular activities. If your flexibility is affected that you have a hard time getting things done, like buying groceries or lifting objects.
  5. Grating Sensation- When you feel a grating sensation, its almost as if you hear your joints crackling.
  6. Hard Lumps- when there is extra bits of bones, and it feels like hard lumps forming around the affected joint area accompanied by swelling.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

There are a lot of factors why people suffer from Osteoarthritis. Some because of genetics, and it could also be because of poor eating habits and malnutrition. It can also happen due to repeated injuries and excessive hard work that causes the tissue to experience more friction and joint motion.

As we age, this is a regular process that happens to us, our bones suffer from wear and tear and begins to break down causing inflammation that leads to pain. This is aggravated by old age, and issues like obesity. Obese people suffer more because their bones are not able to hold the extra weight and it contributes to the osteoarthritis .

The more you weigh the more stress the bones experience, the hips and knees have a much harder time causing more inflammation. People who also do extreme sports or suffer from an accident are at risk for osteoarthritis. Even old injuries can cause osteoarthritis ad well as other bone deformities and abnormalities caused by genetics.

Osteoarthritis is also aggravated by other diseases like diabetes. If not prevented, it can cause many sleepless nights, a very uncomfortable way of life, disability and feelings of hopelessness, weakness that leads to depression. A once active person could begin to experience the pangs of old age, that might cause them to be bitter and stop them from doing regular activities that they once enjoyed.

What are the available therapies for Osteoarthritis?

The most common therapy offered right now is Physical therapy. People suffering from osteoarthritis get the help of a physical therapist so they can strengthen their muscles around the joint and increase flexibility through a series of exercises and treatment offered by an expert. Regular gentle exercise is often advised, including a combination of slow walking and swimming. If the Osteoarthritis gets more severe, this is when they call on an Occupational therapist who checks on how to change your lifestyle so you can understand which activities you can do and the ones that you need to avoid so the joints will not suffer.

When these simple therapies do not work because the Osteoarthritis is already at its advanced stage, that is when people opt for Surgical procedures like Knee Osteotomy, Artificial Hip and Knee Comparisons. When the pain is severe, others will try cortisone injections plus medications.

But for people already feel hopeless and are looking for advanced forms of treatment experts are recommending stem cells. Countless of research studies has already been released about stem cells and how it can reduce the pain of people suffering from Osteoarthritis.

There are studies that delved on how to use mesenchymal stromal stem cells to regenerate knee cartilage so these cell types could develop into new muscles, bones, and cartilage.

Stem cells to reduce the pain caused by Osteoarthritis is now being recommended by many stem cell clinics worldwide. One of the best clinic in the world FGAAA or Feeling Good At Any Age the One Stop Rejuvenation Center in California is advocating for stem cell therapy to significantly reduce pain and improve the quality of life of patients who suffer from Osteoarthritis.

There are many positive results and tests with regards to the use of stem cells to cure joint pain. The use of mesenchymal stem cells have led experts to believe that there is a significant progress when it comes to dealing with the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy is now offering pain relief and faster recovery for people suffering from chronic pain.

As they were carrying out a pilot study, the scientists only recruited a small group of participants. Researchers will need to carry out much larger trials before it is possible to use the technique in real-world patients. Leading many doctors to believe that MSC therapy may be a valid alternative for the treatment of chronic knee osteoarthritis.
If you are desperate for a solution, you can connect and get a consultation from FGAAA.

Feeling Good at Any Age the One-Stop Rejuvenation Center is one of the best in the field of stem cell therapy and immunotherapy. FGAAA provides advanced and revolutionary procedures like stem cell infusion, HGH, HRT including Reluma Cosmetics. 

Feeling Good at Any Age the One Stop Rejuvenation Center make use of fresh batch of live stem cells during clinical procedures to repair damaged tissues and repair injuries of clients.  

FGAAA has a team of experts in medical and regenerative medicine. Health issues like sports injuries, tendon and ligament injuries as well as degenerative arthritis are cured inside the clinic using cutting edge stem cell procedures. The clinic understands that each patient has unique situations which is why each patient is given customized findings and solutions.

Lourdes Duque Baron is already 72 years old and is a living testimony of the power of stem cells. She has billions of stem cells coursing through her body that enables her to live a unique and spontaneous life. With the help of stem cells and by the grace of God, she continuous to produce films, create wonderful music, write life changing books, serve humanity through medical missions and wake up daily with a healthy heart, body and mind.

72 is the NEW 32 โ€” taken July 2019 โ€” in Garden Grove, CA USA
The Ultimate Braglist โ€“ Lourdes Duque Baron looking Incredibly Young!

If you are interested to learn more on how this treatment can help improve your life you can go to the FGAAA Clinic.

With the power of stem cells in your veins can feel all of this:

Patients who receive rejuvenation therapy from the clinic receive numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced fatigue and tiredness
  • Reduced aged spots, less lines and wrinkles
  • Youthful appearance and better skin tone
  • Boost in energy, stamina and vitality
  • Relief from back pain, aches and pains including stiffness of joints
  • Boost in sexual prowess and libido
  • Easier weight maintenance
  • Feelings of happiness and mental clarity
  • Better and healthier outlook in life
  • Agility and better stamina that aids exercise activities

Anti-aging effects is one of the many benefits of stem cell therapy. A person injected with fresh stem cells, experience better blood flow, it also helps the skin rejuvenate from within leading to increased collagen and younger looking skin.

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