5 Most Expensive Conference Event tickets in the World

Not a lot of people know this, but one of the most kept secrets of the elite is the network of people that they have. There is a reason why the children of rich people continue being rich, apart from the habits it all boils down to who you know. If you know just 1 millionaire in your community and you happen to have a good relationship with them, you can learn a thing or two that can change your life perspective. What more if you will be given the chance to listen and hang out with 4 or 7 billionaires in the room? There is truth to the saying that you are the 5 people you are with all the time. However, not everyone has the opportunity to make friends with Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or top celebrities like Reese Witherspoon despite being worth billions- but you most definitely can attend an event that would allow you to shake hands with them, and hear them talk about exclusive topics that are not found anywhere in the internet or any book you can think of. Exclusive and premium events helps you open so many doors, just one event can help you gain the golden opportunity you have been waiting for!

Here is the 6 Most Expensive World Events, Meet-ups and Conference in the world right now.

1. The World Economic Forum

( Davos, Switzerland)

Care to hear Cate Blanchett or Leonardo Di Caprio discuss the most pressing issue in the world right now? Do you want to know how your business can help improve a current sustainable project happening in several parts of the world? Do you want to meet the Global Future Councils in different parts of the world, then you should find a way to attend The World Economic Forum. This January 2020 the conference in Switzerland will cost delegates $70K – $210K  to attend.  An annual meeting of members take place in countries like United Arab Emirates. It brings together over 600 members from the academia, business, government and civil society.

The event is attended by Davos Elite, and most of the events are held in Switzerland. Headquartered in Cologny, the WEF also has offices in New York, Beijing and Tokyo. The foundation is funded by its 1,000 member companies, typically global enterprises with more than five billion dollars in turnover (varying by industry and region) . In 2011 an annual membership cost $52,000 for an individual member, $263,000 for “Industry Partner” and $527,000 for “Strategic Partner”. An admission fee cost $19,000 per person. The membership fee has then increased and continues to increase as the value of the forum continues to rise. “Davos Man” is a neologism referring to the global elite of wealthy (predominantly) men, whose members view themselves as completely “international”.

2. Milken Institute Global Conference

Already at its 22nd Conference, the Milken Institute Global Conference remains as one of the most high profile events in the world. The last conference was held in Los Angeles, California on April 28, 2019. The cost of the conference is $15,000 – $50,000.

Panelists and attendees include bankers, investment managers, politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers and athletes. The theme of this year’s gathering, where tickets start at $15,000: “Driving Shared Prosperity.” Attendees are treated to craft whiskeys, crab cakes and have selfies with Shark Tank star Kevin O’ Leary inside the Beverly Hilton.

11 of its speakers listed on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a combined net worth exceeding $100 billion — Schwarzman, of Blackstone Group LP, and Apollo Global Management LLC’s Leon Black among them.

The notable guests who attended include Jane Goodall, Joe Biden, Tom Brady, Ivanka Trump and Reese Witherspoon, former US President Bill Clinton.

3. Moola Forum: International

Moola Forum is one of the most opulent conferences in Asia and holds the key to meeting the most elusive and exclusive members of the Asian Elite. From Chinese Business Empires and Indian business Empires, including the Filipino Business Elites- usually the most secretive and unheard of families who rule Asia.

Moola Forum has been working with luxury lifestyle consultants, private wealth advisers, and luxury affiliate marketers throughout Asia since 2013. And over the years, it has built professional and personal relationship with high-net-worth individuals in Asia, executives of top corporations, members of Asian royal families, and super many old-money families with utmost exclusivity and privacy.

Etiquette and Protocol in Asia vary from culture to culture and country to country. Moola Forum ensures that etiquette and protocol are strictly observed in the venue and throughout the event, as these are required by guests from the upper echelons of society and government, including members of Asian royal families and top government officials, their delegates and their families, dignitaries and their families, socialites, and members of high society.

Moola Forum caters to the members of royal families: from Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Cambodia, State of Japan, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of Kuwait, Malaysia, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Thailand, and United Arab Emirates.

Moola Forum usually announces luxury events through its authorized members who—by heart—live the ethics and procedures in this exclusive organization. Moola Forum may invite a person, but could cancel such an invitation due to conflicts of interest or other reasons. Thus, you can’t simply attend the Meetup or the Conference because you like it even if you have all the means to pay for the tickets. First, build a good relationship with any member of Moola Forum, and they may be the only key to receive an invitation from our organization or receive approval of your application to attend the Meetup or Conference

How much does an Access cost?

Local Luxury Meetup: US$450 for Individual Access / US$1,125 for Company Access

Local Luxury Conference: US$1,500 for Individual Access / US$3,000 for Company Access

International Luxury Conference: US$5,000 for Individual Access / US$7,500 for Company Access

4. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

While being considered as an event for entertainment purposes. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is indeed one of the big meet up opportunities for the elite investors of the world.

Cost of event ticket is $7,270, it is one of the most expensive ticket for a race in the yearly grand prix. The general admission is $280 but you will only see the screen. If you want to see the action closer you can get the expensive ticket. Getting inside means having fun with some of the most elite people in the world. While having fun, you can network on the side- gain really influential friends. The VIP access includes access to the Pit lanes, prime viewing area of the race, morning tea, lunch and wines. Exclusive access to the Formula one Paddock Club and open bar and champagne.

The Grand Prix incentive offers unpretentious exclusivity, bespoke service for you to enjoy a hassle-free weekend. In addition to our 24/7 concierge service on location, and most suitable accommodation, customized transportation and dinners on surprising locations.

5. Aspen Ideas Festival

This conference is usually held in places like Colorado and is priced at $2,000 – $3,800. This conference was set up for public leaders around the globe around many disciplines. Other notable speakers in this festival is Al Gore and John Kerry and Mark Zuckerberg

Exclusive and Premium events like Tech conferences are expensive, but they are worth it – If you attend the right event for you. As you know, there are thousands of tech and innovation events taking place every year. In my opinion, selecting right the ones you’d like to attend is a strategic decision that will allow you to see it as an investment, rather than an expense.

The basic role of a conference is to filter out the people who are likely to waste your time, and filter in the people you want to talk to.

By attending worthwhile conferences you find influential contacts, people with unique and advanced experience who could share vital information with you. Most high end and premium conferences and events also provide high quality and digested information- so you can understand it faster. There is concrete information, plus its always feels great to be talking with the best minds in the land. Also the informal conversations happen during the networking breaks and are conducted in the two-way fashion. People freely exchange ideas, network, share observation and knowledge. Many delegates find the networking part more valuable than presentations. 

Moola forum meets ups for example in Asia, allow attendees interaction for exchange of ideas. Since the crowd has already been pre-screened you can avoid meeting scammers.

A lot of premium forums also offer rejuvenation, after returning from the conference you feel productive and full of new ideas. There is no better venue for meeting vendors, investors, competitors, suppliers and more. A lot of businesses find founders and attendees that make deals with them during these expensive forums. Meet-up forums and conferences is also about brand presence, if you are not there then you simply don’t exist. Attending the right conference will help you weed out the wrong people, it saves you time, which is the most important of it all.

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