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In the Philippines, a lot of Universities have yet to update their courses when it comes to digital marketing and tech related jobs. There is a growing Digital marketing industry but the courses provided in traditional schools are not matching the current demand.

In the past, a lot of students were encouraged to take up Nursing and Engineering courses, deeming it as 2 of the most promising careers 10 years ago. But the economy has changed; the internet and social media became strong catalysts for change. Not only that, traditional advertising like TV, radio and print ad was overtaken by Social media and because of this tech savvy individuals are now needed by a lot of major and minor corporations in the country.

Digital marketing skills are on demand but not enough digital professionals to fill them in. If you want to make sure that you will remain relevant in the coming years. Start learning serious digital marketing skills.

Here are the 6 Best jobs for the future and good reasons why you need to start becoming tech savvy.


  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are the one responsible for creating brand awareness. It means they are the ones responsible for creating ad campaigns on social media and integrating it with the business brand. They will be the one to create different ways to provide information to clients, using a diversified tactic using a number of spectrums and devices.  A digital marketer has to know how to network effectively, they should know how to copy write, engage the audience on social media. They have to be creative and willing to expand the image of the brand they are holding.


  • Manage ad campaigns on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.)
  • Work with other brand departments like the HR, PR marketers, web developers, and content writers
  • Network with other companies even when offline
  • Manage complex customer relationships
  • Meaningful interaction with customers online and offline
  • Plan out content, press release, and advertisements for the company
  • Be able to maximize e-mail marketing, blogs and other ways to provide content for the client
  1. Web Developer

A web developer should be tech savvy and experienced in programming. They should know how to run HTTP from a webs server to a web browser.

  • Tasks:
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • PERL, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP. ASP. Net
  • Knows to run server side networks
  • Ability to make use of database

Create single page application using front end tools like ReactJS and AngularJS

The web developer must have a passion for coding and needs to stay updated on the different technical tools and jargon. Once mastered, web developers are some of the highest paid types of jobs in the digital marketing industry.


  1. Content Marketing

Another term for this is content writing and copy writing. Writers will steadily be in demand for the coming years, simply because unique and interesting articles cannot be formulated by a robot. The consciousness of a human being and our experiences allow us to create ideas and transform them into the paper. While there are auto writing tools that are being created. The need for content writers and copywriters are increasing.

Content is becoming king when it comes to social media. In the past, marketers thought that lesser works inside content are better, but this is not the case. Most people would rather read something of value online and even on their mobile phones thus increasing the need for creative writing and witty copywriting.

When it comes to digital content writing, content is king. More and more people want to engage in authentic articles and write ups and this will steadily ensure a need for more writers who are well versed not just on formulating words but how to connect with people in an interesting way.



  • Type at least 75 words per minute
  • Be able to create vast number of articles from 1,000 to 12,000 words per day
  • Be able to discuss different types of topics and release authentic content
  • Writer must be experienced in networking with many people to ensure fresh content
  • Authenticity in writing, wit, and style

4. SEO marketing

SEO marketing is usually planned together with digital marketers, content writers, and web developers. The look and feel of a certain website, the keywords that will be used and strategies on how to become visible all over the internet are the roles of the SEO strategist.  An SEO specialist should be able to maximize all tools given to create links, improve links and ensure that the websites that the company or brand is creating will become visible and relevant in the coming years.


  • Find relevant keywords that content writers will use for content
  • Create the sitemap of the brand and plan strategies to remain on top of Google search
  • Effective use of links, find ways to improve link building strategies
  • Make sure meta tags are effectively used

The Role of SEO marketers are changing constantly, but the good thing here is that anyone can learn and understand what these tasks are.


  1. Social Media Strategist

The social media strategist has to consist of the image of the brand. They should be able to write well and draft a plan that would make effective use of social media campaigns. The social media strategist role is to make sure that the brand is noticeable on social media and to encourage people to interact and engage in brand activities. It is also the role of the social media manager to listen to the suggestions of clients and plan with the digital marketing team on how to become unique and interesting on Social Media.


  • Graphics Design and Mastery
  • Aptitude for writing
  • Customer Oriented
  • Social Advertising
  • Networking skills even offline

The social media industry is always changing and the social media manager has to learn all the relevant tools that they can use to make sure that their brand will create an impact.

  1. Web Designer


A web designer is responsible for the entire look and feel of the website and the products.  They are most sought after. The creativity and witty photos and images, as well as the branding of the product, would be the creation of the web designer. Their role is crucial to making sure that the websites are easy to navigate, the images must also evoke the interest of customers and create respect and loyalty to the brand.


  • Design conceptualization and implementation of online projects
  • Production of landing pages and online advertisements including newsletters
  • Work with Photoshop, both graphics, and layout
  • CSS, HTML, jQuery

The web designer has to be imaginative, has to be willing to experiment and work out a number of designs to become influential in the digital marketing industry.

Only a few universities in the Philippines are focusing on these kinds of jobs but digital marketing will steadily grow over time. The needs of the people for tech-related jobs and information will grow and these are only some of the digital marketing jobs of the future that you can begin exploring now. The good thing about this industry is that you will continue to learn more, and the skills are always needed. There is never a dull moment when it comes to digital marketing.

Do not worry if these courses are not available in your school. There are numerous free online courses you can take online; you can start learning these techniques all on your own just by being online.

Check LinkedIn, YouTube, Hoot Suite, Coursera.org and many other free sources of information when it comes to improving your digital marketing skills.


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