6 Best Filipino Chocolate Brands | World Class Quality

The Philippines is becoming a globally recognized chocolate brand provider due to the sheer quality of the chocolates that the country is able to produce. The Philippine chocolate brands have just recently won the 2018 Academy Chocolate Awards in London, United Kingdom.

Some of the best and highly rated type of chocolate is Malagos Agri-Venture Crop, Theo & Philo Artisanal Chocolates and Auro Chocolate. The brands won the Silver and Bronze awards for drinking chocolate category and flavored white chocolate category. The Filipino chocolate brands competed against 1, 200 entries coming from 45 countries. The Philippines is considered as one of the best cocoa beans producer in the world and the cacao beans all came from Davao.

  1. Theo and Philo Chocolates

Theo & Philo is a social enterprise that aspires to be a global leader in artisanal single-origin chocolates. As a bean-to-bar maker of Philippine chocolates, each bar is made from the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced and freshly made from only all natural ingredients and pure cocoa butter.

Theo & Philo brings you gourmet chocolates whose tastes not only rival those of Europe’s finest but also proudly carry the delicious and bold flavors that only the Philippines can bring.

Theo & Philo artisanal chocolates can be purchased in the following flavors:
– 70% Dark Chocolate
– Milk Chocolate
– Dark Chocolate with Labuyo (Chili)
– Milk Chocolate with Organic Barako Coffee
– Milk Chocolate with Pili Nut & Pinipig (Toasted Rice)
– Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Sea Salt
– Dark Chocolate with Candied Calamansi (Candied Lemon)

2.   Malagos Chocolate Davao

Malagos Chocolate was created in Davao, and the founders make use of ethical and sustainable farming for their production process, which means they adhere to strict and world-class standards for every pound of chocolate made. The Malagos Chocolates are made from Tree to Bar, with the efforts of many farmers and workers- the ingredients go through careful selection from the sowing, tending, harvesting, fermenting, drying, sorting, and finally the roasting and end product which is the Malagos Chocolate.


Our chocolates are made from Tree to Bar through the efforts of many people. Especially the farmers. The entire process of sowing, tending, harvesting, fermenting, drying, sorting, roasting, and producing the chocolate is done right on our farm, giving our products a more distinctive and pronounced taste. Malagos Chocolate is a single-origin Davao Philippines heirloom cacao that is award-winning and Proudly Filipino made.

3. True Chocolate

True Chocolate is a Pinoy brand that was started by Chocolatier Treen Tecson, it was born out of the hobby for chocolate making. They offer truffles and bars by hand using Belgian couverture chocolate in small batches using the finest ingredients there is. They are also using locally sourced cacao from Negros Occidental

4. Risa Chocolates

Risa Chocolates was first thought of as a project of a group of friends but quickly grew into a real brand in the Philippine. It is single-origin chocolate coming from South Cotabato cacao beans, it is known for the light caramel flavors it gives. The team of Risa Chocolates has already created so many interesting flavors including that of bacon chili chocolate, brown buttermilk chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts, and cerveza negra truffles.

5.  Hiraya Chocolates

Hiraya Chocolate is a Filipino chocolate brand that started in Malabog, Davao. Malabog is an area where it is highly ideal to grow cacao beans. The Cacao beans from Malabog are then roasted, cracked, winnowed, refined and tempered as part of the chocolate making process- the chocolate brand Hiraya makes use of stone grinders and granite refiners to bring out the best of the cacao flavors.

The brand names happiness and joy to the people, Hiraya Manawari expresses the people’s hopes and dreams that are fulfilled with the help of the chocolates.  They use the bean-to-bar chocolate processing of the bars, resulting in the unique taste of the chocolate. They have coconut with chocolate varieties, as well as coffee nibs,  chocolate with chicharron, including spicy dark chocolate with crunchy pork rinds flavors.

6. Auro Chocolate

Auro Chocolate is proudly Filipino, it is also bean-to-bar chocolate that comes from the local farming community of Davao.  They pride themselves in purchasing the local beans at a much higher price, to help the farming communities that are responsible for growing and creating the exquisite chocolate variety. Auro Chocolate offers fine Filipino chocolate gift sets that are perfect for every occasion.


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