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The CEO or Boss of your company most likely has everything from the latest gadget to branded clothing and finding a gift might be a bit hard. This is because he or she can just buy anything they want.

But if you want to create a good and lasting impression and if your team wants to let your boss know that he is appreciated then you need to be extra creative and find unique gifts that would stand out. We gathered a list of creative and luxurious gifts you can give to the leader of your company. Something that is befitting of their status and something that will tell them you took the time and effort.

1.Aperitif PH Gourmet Boxes

Aperitif Gift boxes from Metro Manila is one of the most luxurious and delicious gifts offers you can give to the head of the company. The boxes contain premium quality products from savory cold cuts, selection of fine cheeses and some of the most decadent fruits and vegetable money can buy. All of the boxes are French-inspired and would definitely make your CEO smile and appreciate your effort.

Check: https://www.aperitifph.com/

2. Alta Gift Basket

Alta Gift Basket is Manila’s classic European-Filipino-inspired finest gourmet chocolate & wine delivered in style to corporate executives from top corporations of Metro Manila, wealthy entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and members of the opulent Manila High Society.

Alta Gift Basket is perfect for your CEO as they can taste authentic delights from around the world with each Alta Gift basket. Each box includes unique treats from different parts of the world. It contains life’s greatest pleasures from some of the most decadent chocolates, truffles, biscuits, and wine. You can never go wrong with comfort gourmet food! Best of all you can have them delivered to your CEO’s doorstep.

You can even select a celebrity greeter for your CEO and make the most memorable corporate gift ever given by a group of employees. Imagine a top Filipino celebrity or icon like Catriona Gray or Pia Wurtzbach sending your boss a wonderfully crafted video greeting with the help of Alta Gift Basket- nothing is impossible!

. Visit: https://www.altagiftbasket.com

Official FB Page: ://www.facebook.com/altagiftbasket

3. Hineleban Farms Coffee

Coffee will always be a precious gift for any powerful CEO, give the perfect brewed coffee for the CEO by choosing Hineleban Coffee. You can even pair it up with the perfect coffee maker. Hineleban Farms produces some of the best products in Asia. Hineleban Foundation also supports the reforestation efforts of Mindanao. By buying their products you are supporting the indigenous communities. Hineleban Farms Coffee is one of the best gifts you can give to your boss and even officemates that you want to feel appreciated.

World-class Hineleban Farms coffee received a top rating of 86 from acclaimed coffee sommelier Marty Curtis at the 2015 Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle.  Made from the finest hand-picked ripe red coffee cherries growing on misty cool Mount Kitanglad, SCAA certified Q-graders describe Hineleban coffee as having a “fruit-like nutty undertone, bitter cocoa, finishing with caramel after taste”.  This coffee is so smooth, you can drink it several times a day. The Coffee is available in whole and ground beans.

Visit: https://hinelebanstore.com/buy/hineleban-coffee/

4. Gift a Tree

What could be more immortal than dedicating a tree for your Boss? Name a tree and let them know about it.
Plant a Hineleban Tree. Just tag your recipient on facebook after donating and use the hashtag #GiftThatGrows.
An account will be created and will be linked to your mobile number and email when you donate trees to Hineleban Foundation. The trees will be named after your boss or company if you like.

Visit https://hineleban.org/gift-tree/

5. Flower Delivery Subscription

Brighten the mood of your boss order a Flower Delivery subscription.

Brighten up your office and meeting rooms with beautiful fresh cut flowers with a flower subscription. Delivery available every 7, 14 or 28 days with the option to change & skip dates. There are no minimum terms and you can cancel at any time.

Visit https://www.flowerstore.ph/

6. Elemis Pro- Collagen Marine Cream

Make your gift exude Opulence! What could be better than a luxurious skincare gift set that would speak volumes! Skin care creams and facial creams are now formulated for both men and women. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is scientifically proven to work. Help your boss remove all the fine lines caused by stress and give them a decadent gift that would make them feel even more luxurious.


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