5 Signs of an Exceptional Boss

pexels-photo (3)pexels-photo (3).jpgWhile a lot of people can make their own business and one day could become a boss in their own right. It does not mean to say that they will immediately be considered as a great leader.  There are certain traits that separate Good bosses from bad ones in the workplace.

Here are the 5 habits you need to adapt to make sure that you will have a good and healthy working environment.

  1. A good boss is willing to explore new concepts and ideas

There are certain types of bosses who have adapted traditional ways of thinking patterns when it comes to business.  Most of these kinds of bosses still believe that the old ways of ruling the office works. They tend to copy what others before them have done, and these results to an outdated mindset inside the office.

A good boss is always willing to try new things, and not only what he or she believes to be effective since others have already done it. When it comes to business, there is no foolproof habit that can save a company. There are many big corporations that failed because they remained stuck to traditional ideas and they did not want to explore something new.  Google one of the best employers in the world makes sure to allow employees to experiment and innovate.

No company is immune from changes, even some of the biggest names under the Fortune 500 like Ford, Dell, Nokia, Microsoft, and Kodak had to reconstruct all of their marketing plans just to stay afloat.  Some of the biggest computer firms disappeared completely when the digital age has entered. A good CEO should be able to bring their company into the future and great ideas come from a number of places and people.

A good boss will listen to creative employees and risk takers and would have an honest evaluation of where they are and where they need to be.

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  1. A good boss is a kind human being

The number one resources that must be protected are employees. A good boss never hurls insulting words and abuse to their own people. A good boss should focus on how employees will stay motivated. A happy workplace provides better results. This means allowing employees to fail and learn from it, to grow with the company over time and become experts in their own right. Bad bosses will immediately fire, terminate or ridicule employees who create one or two mistakes, thinking that aiming for perfection is the key. Some of the best ideas are achieved through learning and failure. To be a good boss you need to trust your own people, to get to know them better, to evaluate traits, skills, and strengths as well as the possibilities of what could be. Invest in training and keeping good people in the company to achieve long-term success.

  1. A good boss is not afraid to hold himself accountable

Everyone will commit mistakes; even the President of the country cannot be immune to mistakes. The ability to hold oneself accountable for certain failures of the company, the strength to let go of ego to allow check and balance in your own company shows a good boss.

A good boss will not pick a scapegoat or someone else to blame for why the thing is not running the way they should be. It should always be group accountability. Frequent check and balance and the ability to include yourself in assessing the failure, it takes guts to be a leader. A good leader and boss would be able to deeply reflect on what is happening inside their office when something fails and they need to be able to see mistakes as part of the experimentation and creative process to success.


  1. You will ask politely

A sign of an insecure boss is the inability to give orders the polite way. An insecure boss will bark out orders and will demand it from others because they are not respected inside their own company. A bad boss will seek to establish dominance instead of real leadership. Saying thank you, appreciating the efforts of an employee goes a long way. There are some charismatic people who know how to network and be authentic that they don’t even need to hire people. This is because it would be their contacts who would offer their services for free just because they trust the vision and integrity of a person.

  1. A good boss will not create obstacles

The office or the working environment is not a place to compete with others. The success of a company will be dependent on the ability of the CEO, owner, and employees to work in a collaborative manner. A good boss would instead provide support to his employees and guidance. A bad boss will make the life of his employees harder; they will not want them to succeed. But in the end, it is not the employee who loses- it is the owner, the manager who puts their own employees down that will reap the demise of his own business due to his failure to recognize that a company is not just about them- it is a vision and collaborative effort of a team.

The best thing to do to improve and work on how to become a good boss is to keep the lines open.  Transparency makes a happy office environment as well as authenticity.

If people are allowed to explore their creativity and allowed to express how they feel and what they believe could make things better. If the vision is clear and people believe in the dream of the company.

If the founder is able to make his employees understand that this is not just a job, but a mission in life to improve the quality of life of many people then the company will definitely succeed.



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