5 Good Reasons Why We Should Support SB19

1. SB19 has Pure talent and energy

It would be an understatement to call SB19 talented. This is due to the undeniable fact that these boys are oozing with pure energy and form. You don’t need to be a K-pop fan to understand and see how this Filipino boy group would begin to conquer the music scene. SB19 became a huge internet sensation and trend, receiving a whopping 3 Million views on Youtube and counting for the simple reason that they have something fresh to offer. You can see the devotion, dedication and willingness to surpass the norm. These are not your average performers, SB19 if the Filipino boy group that we have all been hoping for. SB19 is one of the best chances of the Filipino music scene to get worldwide attention. And even if they are not Filipinos by blood or by any chance, the mere fact that they work hard and trained more than 1,000x for a dance routine simply implies that success is in the making.

2. SB19 is a Sign that Filipinos are ready to give up Crab Mentality

If SB19 takes over Asia and the rest of the world and defeats traditional way of marketing in the Philippines. It would prove, that Filipino viewers are ready to shed off crab mentality. If SB19 remains successful, this would prove the Filipino fans tenacity to put a group they like to massive stardom. If Filipino fans can stan and support Korea boy bands and girl bands we don’t see any reason to stop with SB19. In fact, BTS and BlackPink’s fame has a lot to do with the participation of Pinoy fans and army groups mobilizing online.

3. SB19 Songs and Character Symbolize Good Work Ethics and Discipline

SB19 members trained so hard and maintained their discipline. They are in fact a good and notable example for the next generation of Filipinos who will look up to them. Their songs are positive and contain positive messages, they did not need to resort to sexual innuendos. The songs are in fact anti-depression. Not to mention that the songs are made in tagalog, a language that is our own. They were able to avoid succumbing to defeat, and despite the rigorous practices, and hard training hours the members where able to get past that and deliver amazing results. The YouTube dance videos are oozing with passion. You can see how these boys are fighting their way for a chance and people who are watching their videos are inspired by the level of work ethics and professionalism that they see.

4. Merging of Both Worlds: Philippines and Korea

SB19 is putting all the good things of the Philippines, and all the good things of Korea in one. Influencing one culture to another. In a time, where war and hatred is prevalent. SB19 was born to show that cooperation, respect and camaraderie can still exist. The world of K-pop and P-pop is a sign that mutual respect could be achieved.

5. End of Traditional TV marketing and the Ushering in of the Digital Age

In the past, it is hard for any musicians to build a name in the Philippines if they do not know anyone in power. If you happen to have talent, but you do not have the right connections in the media then you can kiss your dream goodbye. If SB19 succeeds, it would prove that traditional methods of marketing is over, and that dreamers now have a fair chance of grabbing the spotlight. It means that the creative industry would be able to consider talent, and passion as well as love for the craft as indication of marketability instead of just relying on traditional methods of picking the next best star. SB19 were once ugly ducklings, who for the love of music and life turned themselves into amazing and stunning group of performing Prince’s conquering the world stage.

We all have high hopes for SB19. We are rooting for Justin, Sejun, Ken, Josh and Stell.

All of them just like BTS members are underground musicians and rappers. They all had to endure ridicule and criticisms, as well as numerous challenges before their first video and first song was actually appreciated. To be loved in your own country the Philippines is something tough but we know that this group is going to make it and continue creating upbeat and soothing dance tracks.

With a humble heart, and by the grace of God who gives everything and the love of fans all over the world what can go wrong?

SB19 is the dreamer in each and everyone of us- the success of SB19 will be the success of many Filipinos worldwide- and one day the rest of the world will be singing to Filipino tunes and lyrics because of the way we supported SB19.

Hoping for the best and rooting for the great success of SB19!

(c) https://www.facebook.com/SB19Official/

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Coco Yen
Coco Yen
9 months ago

Very well said. Stan SB19 πŸ’œπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

Mary Jane
Mary Jane
9 months ago

Thank you for this article! A proud Filipino here!

9 months ago


9 months ago

Thank you! I love this

Elaine Domingo
8 months ago

I agree. Also, many of us can see the quality of their work and the effort that they put in to improve their talent. I don’t hope, instead, I know that they will make it big someday.