5 Fun Facts About Park Hyung-Sik That You Probably Don’t Know

  1. Park Hyung-Sik first became a Korean singer before he graduated into acting.He was a part of the boyband called ZE:A and appeared in a musical drama first before landing his  first hit TV series ” I Remember You”.

His ZE:A members have said in the past that he naturally has a lot of aegyo, and his What’s With this Family co-star mentioned he often greets people with a hug.  Actress Kim Hyun Joo also said that he’s very natural with his skinship.



2. Park Hyung-sik was already rich before he got famous

Park Hyung-sik is already rich and part of an upper middle class before he became known as an actor in Korea. His father works for a top position in BMW Korea.  But instead of working for a corporate office, Park Hyung-sik was an artist by heart and loved singing and acting since he was still a teenager. This was further proven when he became popular in Shinghal High School as a lead vocalist in their school. Their boyband performed in many parts of Korea solidifying his career as an artist and musician.

At some point, his family did not really see him as a successful actor or musician and expected him to have a career in business. Park Hyung-Sik studied in the Digital Seoul Culture Arts University and took up business administration. But this did not make him give up on music and he kept on practicing musical instruments.

Unlike Park Seo Joon, who lived in a small apartment before he became really popular. Park Hyung-sik was already accustomed to being rich. For this reason, his role as a King in Hwarang was perfect while Park Seo Joon was able to perfectly portray his character as Dong-Man.

3.  Park Hyung-sik and Park Seo Joon are very close friends

Together with BTS Taehyung, Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung-sik are very close friends. Park Hyung-sik once declared in an interview that he admires Park Seo Joon and considers him as his mentor.

“Taehyung monitors all of our projects despite his busy schedule. He watches everything while traveling. He’s overseas often. He contacts me and says, ‘Hyung, I couldn’t watch your drama because the wifi is bad here’. During Fight For My Way he saved me as ‘Ddongman’ in his phone. That’s how much he cares about me and Hyungsik’s projects. He probably watched Suits, as well as Secretary Kim. We contact each other very often and he talks about our productions a lot”.

Talking about the last time they saw each other, he said: “Three days after I completed the drama, Hyungsik and Taehyung came over to my house where I live with my parents and they slept over. We ate lamb skewers and watched a movie together. We cheer on Taehyung as much as he cheers on for us. He’s so lovely. I can’t help but be grateful. He also cutely threatened me to come to his concert”.

4. Park Hyung-sik was once a victim of Bullying as a Teenager

 He had a hard time during his teenage years and spoke of bullies picking on him. He suffered from it for a long time, but due to the support of his friends and closely associated, he was able to come out of the painful emotions caused by bullying.

5.  Park Hyung- Sik  Ideal Woman

Park Hyung-sik likes a woman he can protect and someone he finds attractive and passionate with their work. Women who are hard working and who go for their dreams.

Park Yung-sik recently visited Manila as a Brand Ambassador and was received with overwhelming response by his Filipino Fans.



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