5 Fun Facts About Lee Jong-Suk

1.  He was first a Model before he became an actor

If you are wondering why Lee Jong-Suk has the ability to dress fashionably in any hit series that he is present int, this is because he has professional modeling training. He started as a model when he was age 16 at the Seoul Collection in 2005.  He was the youngest male to be included in the program of the Seoul Fashion Week.  After three months, he was convinced to sign with an agency as part of an idol group, but he soon quit after the agency did not continue with its promise to turn him into an actor for SBS TV station when he was still attending middle school. His first official debut as an actor is with the Korean TV series Prosecutor Princess, that was followed up with a horror movie titled Ghost.

2. Lee Jong-Suk is a Big Hit In China

Lee Jong-Suk is very much preferred in China, his good looks made him extremely famous in China,  the success of their series Doctor Stranger was so immense, it landed them over 400 million views. Certifying his name and status as an actor. He also became a huge hit in the Philippines and visited last November 2018 to the delight of his fans. Lee Jong-suk is so famous in China, he has his own wax figure in Hong Kong present in Madame Tussauds, that he unveiled himself during a ceremony.

3. His Role Model is Actor and Korean Singer Rain

Rain has created a good career pattern and until now, a lot of Korean celebrities see him as their inspiration for their work. Lee Jong-Suk confessed that he used to watch Rain before in Full House, and he became his role model.

4. Lee Jong-Suk is a bad drinker and would rather have coffee

Unlike other Korean stars like Park Seo Joon and Taehyung,  Lee Jong-suk confessed that he cannot handle alcohol. He is not too good with drinking and he prefers drinking coffee and having a good chat with his friends.

5. He still has not enlisted in the army

Due to his extremely busy schedule, Lee Jong Suk wasn’t able to enlist yet in the army, he was planning to do so in 2018, but there is no further update yet. Park Seo Joon, on the other hand, used his army experience to improve as an actor.

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