5 Facts You Need to Know About Hotel Del Luna’s Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun captured the attention of hearts worldwide after the hit drama series Hotel Del Luna. He played a very charismatic and memorable role named Go Chung Myung that left heart’s yearning. His delicate emotional acting made a good impression on viewers. Lee Do Hyun’s portrayal of the action scenes and the romantic connection with actress IU made thousands of heart swoon.

  1. Lee Do Hyun was born in April 11, 1995 in South Korea and his first project was tvN’s ” Prison Playbook”, in which he portrayed the young version of Jung Kyung Ho’s Character named Lee Joon Ho. He effectively played his character as a part of the National High School Baseball Team.

2. Lee Do Hyun is in talks to Play leading role in ” Mr. Sunshine”, for PD Lee Eung Bok’s New Drama. He is getting noticed more due to his boyish charms and is said to depict the boyish charms of the younger singer-actor Rain. The tentative title for the drama is ” Sweet Home”. Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yuehua Entertainment has confirmed this and they are currently reviewing the role for him.

3. Lee Do Hyun views Hotel De Luna experience as precious and took the time to thank cast. According to him, Hotel Del Luna is very precious, valuable and appreciated. Lee Do Hyun said ” I’ve learned so many things. It was difficult, but the pleasant and happy memories are still fresh and vivid”. He went on to thank the actors, the director and the staff for their hard work. As well as the viewers of Hotel Del Luna, he promised to be back with a much better look.

4. Koreans are so in love with Lee Do Hyun, he is currently one of the most search actors in Korea right now. He is also making waves in the Philippines as more and more fans want him to play major roles. They say he has a bright face, and many fans are requesting to see more of him. Fans love his boyish charm, confidence and swag.

5. IU Gifted Her Former On-Screen “Boyfriend”, Lee Do Hyun with a Congratulatory Coffee Truck. Because of this, Lee Do Hyun posted a photo on social media, with a funny caption, ” The firefly has reincarnated. Thank you, Noona.”

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7 months ago

So handsome. Love him.

Jean Ricamata
Jean Ricamata
7 months ago

I’ve been watching this since it started in abs-cbn. So far I love it.


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