5 Best Christian Pilgrimage Sites to Visit for Spiritual Guidance

A pilgrimage is something that people do when they need to find their purpose and significance in life. Making a pilgrimage is taking a leap of faith and traveling to historical places to learn about the lives of saints and the apostles, and to visit places where miracles and events of spiritual importance occurred.

At times, people decide to go on a pilgrimage to ask for healing and to renew their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to connect with the Archangels of the Lord just like Archangel Michael.

1. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the ultimate place for Christians seeking for guidance and spiritual enlightenment. It is the place where the ministry of Jesus Christ began and the Apostolic age that was recorded in the New Testament, making it a very important place.

Based on the New Testament, Jerusalem was the place where Jesus Christ spent his childhood as found in the book of Luke 2:22. This is where Christ has attended festivals, and this is where Jesus preached the message of Salvation and Love.

The Temple Courts played a crucial role in Christ’s ministry. The Last Supper was also spent in what is now called the Upper Room in Jerusalem. Important events leading to the crucifixion and the burial of Jesus Christ also happened here, including the resurrection and ascension and the prophecy of His return- the very basis of the faith and tenets of Christians.

Jerusalem is a very important place for believers of Jesus Christ. Thousands of tourists and people seeking for guidance visit Jerusalem and many stop by at the Convent of the Sisters of Zion.

Via Dolorosa, or the way of suffering is a traditional route to Golgotha where the crucifixion took place. It is considered as a very important pilgrimage site. The Holy Sepulchre is a very spiritual place for Christians, it is believed that it is the location of the tomb where Jesus Christ was put in after the Crucifixion.

2. Lourdes, France

In 1858 while Bernadette Soubirous was picking up sticks for firewood with her sisters when she claimed that a beautiful lady had appeared to her at a grotto in the rock face named Massabielle. A Healing well sprung in the area and since then the Lourdes Grotto in France is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world.

Pilgrims visit the grotto where Mary appeared in Lourdes, France.Main Photo: CNS/Paul Haring

Today tourists and people seeking peace, healing and hope can pray at the Grotto, drink at the fountain, and light a candle during their visit. There is also a confession chapel and a free tour at the Bernadette Museum and the miraculous museum.


It is said that everyone who visits the Lourdes Grotto in France has been called there for a reason. It attracts over 200 million tourists and devotees a year.

3. Ancient City of Hierapolis

Hierapolis is an ancient Greek city, it is also called the “Holy City”, it is located in Anatolia, and the ruins are found adjacent to modern Pamukkale in Turkey. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is where the Tomb of Apostle Philip can be found. This is also the location mentioned by Apostle Paul in his letter to Colossians ( Col 4:13). It is said that the hot springs of Hierapolis can cure various health problems.

The Roman theatre, built in the 2nd century AD under Hadrian on the ruins of an earlier theatre, later renovated under Septimius Severus, Hierapolis, Turkey

4. Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael

San Michele Pilgrimage Shrine is the original Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael in a grotto. The shrine is an octagonal bell tower that was built during the 13th century. It rises above the town of Monte Sant’ Angelo on Puglia’s Gargano Promontory.

The Pilgrimage site contains frescoes and murals, and a small bookshop. The doors are made of bronze back in 1076 Constantinople, it has 24 panels that depict the scenes in the Bible. The doors lead to the cave of Archangel Michael.

James Martin https://www.tripsavvy.com/sanctuary-of-the-archangel-michael-in-a-grotto-1547426

The Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael is a devotional site to the Archangel Michael. The original grotto is said to have been consecrated by Archangel Michael himself and is not consecrated by human hands. Guests are allowed to visit the pilgrimage grotto site for free if they send an email to info@santuariosanmichele.it or calling +39 0884 568127 for a reservation. Visitors cannot enter the grotto if a mass is ongoing.

5. San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

San Giovanni Rotondo is the home of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. This is where the Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church was built to give reverence to the saint. The town is also famous for its hospital and medical research center called the Casa Sollievo Della Sofferenza also called Home for the Relief of the Suffering which was built under the leadership of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

The word “pilgrimage” itself does imply religious context. Many people of all faiths make pilgrimages, often to a shrine or place of significance, to experience spiritual enlightenment and deeper understanding of their beliefs.

People go on pilgrimages here to seek healing, guidance, spiritual renewal, and even for self-discovery as part of personal achievement.

Award-winning author Lourdes Duque Baron and husband Dr. Robinson Baron share their story and special journey towards finding strength with the guidance of Padre Pio through the book Scripted In Heaven.

Scripted In Heaven

The story begins with a dramatic event. A lady called Marie hurries towards Dr. Baron through the halls and tells him as a matter of urgency: “Dr. Baron, Padre Pio told me to pray for you because he said you have a kidney problem.” The doctor doesn’t believe her, but then the things that follow will change him forever.

Scripted in Heaven follows the journey of Dr. Robinson V. Baron and his physical and metaphysical healing.

As a stubborn surgeon, he ignores a cryptic warning from an old lady about a supposedly imminent complication with his health. The struggles that follow take him to a journey of spiritual renewal, which leads him to rediscover his true faith and his true love.

He seeks for the divine guidance of Padre Pio da Pietrelcina while trials and tribulations test him and his family. His devotion grew, even causing him to embark on a punishing pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy, despite his fragile health.

His mystical metamorphosis is a story of courage, sacrifice, and triumph. It inspires the reader to reflect on his own weaknesses and makes him long for purpose and Truth in this mortal life.

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