4th Dimension Marriage

We have no water bills to pay

No milk to buy

No child to worry about


We have no parents to please

No house to maintain

No rings to keep safe


Our argument are all buried in the past

But many do not know


We did marry each other

We are together in the 4th dimension

Having a conversation

on what kind of curtains we need to buy

In order to keep the prying eyes of neighbors away…


Isn’t it fascinating when people mourn separation

but hate each other when they are together?


You are free and I am not holding your hand physically

and yet I send you my embrace every night

my embrace drifts fly and soothe the sea…

You are the lead character in my dreams.

Always cunning…always great…always sincere.


I am free and you are not binding my wings andbecause of that. I ┬ácan sail into a new reality every day…

In setting each other free we are able to be together.


We are free to love like never before




The surprising thing here is I love you even more…

Day by day

The memory of you gets stronger and vivid

it is even more colorful than yesterday.



We have no electrical bills to pay

And in this 4th dimension

..everything is abundant…


we are free to dream of each other

to give to each other what could never be possible in real life.


you take your pen and start drawing my face

and paste it on your wall

as I write a poem about you


whom I love the most…

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