4 Reasons Why Your Next Home Should Be in Rizal

If you’re looking for a serene living after a long day of work, buying a home in Rizal should be on your top list. While the nearby big cities can easily overshadow the province, it offers a charming laid-back experience at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. 

Are you still unsure of why Rizal should be where your next home is? These 4 reasons may convince you.

1. Proximity within Metro Manila

The best thing about living in Rizal is its proximity to Metro Manila. You can earn your keep in the city during the day, and spend the night in the province.  Going to and from home is also easy as several modes of transportation like FXs and jeepneys are available 24/7.

Heavy traffic shouldn’t be a problem for long since infrastructure projects are on the works. Such projects include Metro Manila Expressway, which aims to provide easier access to EDSA and C5, and the rest of CALABARZON.

2. Rich culture, tradition, and arts

If you’re someone who’s fascinated with rich culture, then you’ll surely enjoy living in Rizal. Although it is close to the big cities, it still connects to its roots by practicing local celebrations such as Higantes and Binalayan Festivals.

What’s more is, the province is a haven for artists! From then to now, it has bred several artists including National Artist Botong Francisco. This is why it comes to no surprise to see local artworks, sculptures, paintings, and designs in the province. 

3. Green, more sustainable lifestyle

As the province is shielded by the mountains, living green is an easier feat to achieve. You can surround your home with lots of greenery to bring fresher air in as well as cooler breeze throughout the day.

Although it is surrounded by cities, most of its parts are still suitable for farming. This means that you can plant and harvest your produce. This isn’t only sustainable for nature but for your budget as well.

4. Economic rise and expansion

Metro Manila is getting more and more congested with buildings popping up here and there. If you live in Rizal, this is a golden opportunity as this economic rise will surely expand to neighboring cities and provinces. 

As the economy rises in Rizal, more job opportunities will arise too. You can be closer to where you work, meaning that you can save time, money, and effort as you won’t have to commute far to get to your destination every day.

Rizal ticks all the right boxes being a strategic location for your home. It’s a great time to secure a home in the province now, especially that prices are still affordable. The good news is, affordability comes with a quality home with BellaVita.

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