4 Coffee Shops That You Shouldn’t Miss When In Baguio

Baguio City will always be the ultimate relaxation place in Northern Luzon, despite the changes that the city has experienced and the fact that there are lesser trees- the  chill and relaxed energy of the people living there remains. We visit Baguio not merely for the scenery, but for the calm energy that allows you to reflect. Coffee Shops in Baguio City have their own character, distinct and magical in their own way.

  1. Aponi Bayosa Cafe

Aponi Bayosa Cafe is on top of my list due to the fact that you can feel the real Baguio in this small yet warm coffee shop.  Affordable prices, and kind owners- be transported to the Baguio of the 70’s. With brewed coffee from Atok and homemade pastries like Empanada and Cinnamon Roll, you are guaranteed to relax.  While having coffee you can observe the characters going inside the shop- get a local feel- what Baguio is really known for. Feel the respect of residents and the wit, hear fantastic stories- it would not be an exaggeration to say that Aponi Bayosa Cafe carries the Spirit of Baguio- the magic, the comfort and authenticity that makes people want to come back.

Go and have coffee on a lazy rainy afternoon- no rushing, smell the coffee beans as per tradition and talk to the owners and just relish the day. It is best to go here, when you are feeling nostalgic, when you feel like being quiet and just want to enjoy life. The owners are planning to add more unique pieces- the Coffee shop has just opened this May- more exciting additions could be expected.

Listen to the story of a fourth generation Ibaloi who wanted to market the coffee of the Cordilleras- Fides Herrera Lim. Learn about the history of upland coffee, and how it should be served. Learn more about Mateo Cariño, who once owned all of the present Baguio and who was given the titles for his land by the Spanish government in exchange for his conversion to Christianity and just generally enjoy a nostalgic Baguio- one that we can all be proud of.

Location: 15 Kisad Road | 3rd FloorBaguio, Luzon 2600, Philippines

 Read: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/292073/making-ibaloi-coffee-tune-times/

2. Hoka Brew

If you are looking for a quiet, chill and clean place to have coffee then Hoka Brew is the answer to your prayers. This place allows you to work – they have fast wi-fi, and they offer good tasting cakes. Fancy a Pizza, Mongolian food or your own beer brew they have it here. Try the Hoka Brew rice and feel full all day long- plus enjoy the relaxing misty and foggy view that is clearly seen through their glass windows. Hoka Brew is affordable, with a 65 peso coffee with refill- a definite treat!

Location: Km. 4 Bakakeng Central, Marcos Highway, Baguio City (inside Podium Hotel, 2nd Floor)

3.  Arca’s Yard

Already established and considered as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Baguio City. Often frequented by celebrities due to its unique charm and delectable dishes.  Sit in a corner and enjoy the array of dishes that you can order, read a book or two, and order something refreshing. Look at the window and have a peak, and understand why Baguio City is still well loved by Filipinos.

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4.  Calajo Restaurant ( HOY) Home of Yogurt

Just newly opened, the new Calajo branch is a definite must see. Now with their own bed and breakfast, the Calajo branch keeps getting, and better. Offering their own Yogurt bar and impressive Souvenir shop. Buy locally brewed coffee and sourced art materials from the Cordilleras. Apart from offering delicious coffee, they also have matcha green tea (only 100php) and traditional Cordillera meats and well-loved Baguio veggies!



Location: Km4. Marcos Highway Baguio City after Petron Gas Station




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