2 Photos from Baguio City goes viral with 2.2 million views in 6 hours find out why!

I have been a resident of Baguio for as long as I can remember but had to move to Makati for the digital marketing job opportunities.

But, just like every Filipino in the world  ” Baguio City” will always have a special spot in my heart. I saw the photo of photographer Zaldy  Comanda yesterday- it was about a really foggy Session road. At first, you would think it was about air pollution but the photo was simply the beautiful fog that surrounds Baguio City.

Seeing the photo made me nostalgic, as the Chinese would say ” A picture paints a thousand words” and this holds true for 2 photos that went viral overnight. The page only had 2,300 followers for 2 years, then in just a few hours, just because of 2 nostalgic photos of Session Road the supporters of Baguio and La Trinidad Community events page rose to a powerful 10,000 followers proving the marvelous ability of photos to capture the energy and hearts of people.

A lot of people have a hard time understanding how one photo can go viral overnight, there are even some guys who would spend a hefty sum on a billboard to get the attention of a celebrity just to gain the attention of the world- but  a simple photo taken at the right time and posted with the right energy quickly sent a message all over the country.

Baguio City despite the many controversies and problems arising is still one of the most beloved and nostalgic cities in the Philippines. Everyone at one point in their life has wanted to visit or live in Baguio City- it is a treasure, a relief- another kind of place with its own rules.  I write this because I want people to remember a beautiful, nostalgic Baguio City- sure, there are a lot of negative news coming from the place but the charm and essence of what it means to us- remains and with proper planning and guidance from the City Government and the people- I still feel that Baguio City would be able to go back to the essence of what it means for all of us Filipinos.

When you go to Baguio City, please respect the place. We all love the place, the pine trees- we don’t want our beloved City to get tarnished. Visitors and tourists will forever flock to the romantic Baguio City- but when we do- we hope to fill the place with love, nurturing. For tourists, respect the rules. Do not litter, Baguio City is a dream for us Filipinos resident or non-resident it is our duty to love this bewildering charming city that has captivated our imagination.

Cherish Baguio City, contribute to protecting its natural resources so that everyone who wants to visit can feel the essence of what it is whenever we dream about it. I once met a person who told me na ” Pwede na ako mamatay basta mabisita ko ang Baguio City”. The statement was never forgotten by me, it spoke of the prestige and the gratitude for being able to grow up there and experience what it means to live in a unique town with a unique culture.

The photo went viral for only one reason– Filipinos love Baguio City– and may that love pour into help and restoration for the city that is kept within our hearts and soul.

(c) Ryan Pineda

We love you Baguio City…your charming fog, wonderful coffee… witty people. The very thing that makes the city unique. Sending love and light to Baguio City.

Sending love and light to Baguio City.



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