15 Feel Good Things that Classic Tito’s and Tita’s of Manila Reminded Us of

Every 8o’s and 90s kids had almost the same experiences and memories back in the day when the Internet was not yet around. We all had to rely on Television and Radio to dictate reality for us- in a way it was a much simpler time. If everyone was watching Maria Mercedes, the tendency is you would also know what everyone was watching-

The Classic and Titos and Titas of Manila gave us a brief, quick and sweet way of remembering the feel-good times and simple way of living back in the day. Here are the 15 most enjoyable photos and memories that Titos and Titas of Manila from different walks of life have posted on the page that went viral overnight.

  1. Who would forget the Iconic Pritos Ring? Aside from the fact that it tastes good, you can play with it too! Perfect snack after going to school and watching your favorite anime on local TV!


2.  For who would forget the Klim Powdered whole milk? When the contents are used up, our Lolos and Lola used it for storing other valuable things including nails and flour


3.  Every 80s and 90s kid is sure to remember this Anime character dancing around on Television. If you had Fido Dido products before- you are the coolest kid on the block!

4.  Remember the song ” Star Margarine, puno ng vitamin!” Every child was convinced by their mom to eat rice with star margarine so they will grow taller!


5. Remember when Mom and Dad used to bring these Funny Komiks with them after a hard days work and how yo would often browse it too, delighted with the entertaining and funny stories inside it!


6.  During the 90s, there are no serial killer clowns only this scary slimy monster coming out from the toilet and creeping and disturbing the imagination of every 8 year old who happen to watch it! This was pretty scary back then!

7.  Back then,  Brands took the time to visit schools to promote their products. Who would forget Susy and Geno visiting the schools while they promote Sustagen?  Because of this effective marketing ploy, we are still reminded of the brand Sustagen


8.  The ultimate Pinoy Boy Next door, the Gwapings,  who would forget the 3 iconic male teenagers who until today still make women heart’s swoon!



9.  Everyone  was crazy over Thalia, the whole world experienced the Thalia Craze and everyone one way or another has watched a Thalia teleserye like Maria Mercedes during the 90s

10. Before Vice Ganda, there was Roderick Paulate and his super funny and witty portrayal of a rich gay man who turned into a Horse! the ultimate Gay king of Comedy- Roderick Paulate!


11.  Remember when all you wanted was a Bubble Jug Candy and a Bubble Tape?  Reminds us of really sweet memories of childhood


12.  Remember when Angel Products were all the craze? When all you wanted to ask your mom is to buy you an Angels’ Breath Cologne and Angel’s Breathe perfume so you will smell good in school?


13.  Remember when you still had to put the video tape and rewind it , before you can watch it again?


14.   Do you still remember the 3’0 Clock habit, when you memorized it by heart and had to stop at exactly 3pm until the prayer was done, each time the TV was open- remember feeling guilty when you are not able to pray because you wanted to do something else?


15. 90’s Kids will forever reminisce the time, they had to get a Video City membership card so they can rent out their favorite movies during Friday to Sunday. Now I wonder where did we get so much time to even do all of this back in the 80s and 90s. 

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