12 International Business Etiquette Guidelines: How to Deal with Elite Clients

Etiquette is the art and ability to create ideal and cordial business relationships with international colleagues, business networks and clients. While we are no longer living in the time of Kings and Queens, we most certainly can learn how to act in a globally accepted manner to fit the needs of the corporate environment.

The Philippines is entertaining more international business networks and clients each year. It wouldn’t hurt to learn and get trained on how to handle elite or ultra high net worth clients as a company starts to progress. Learning from the best etiquette schools in the United Kingdom is sometimes a must. Here are 12 of the most important international etiquette business standards that should be followed by every rising company in the world.

More than just Good manners

International business etiquette is more than just being polite or respectful towards others. It requires more tact and contains customary code that needs to be followed by professionals. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, there are some corporations and CEO’s who will refuse to partner up with you if you fail to win them over etiquette-wise. In the international setting, you need to avoid coming off as rude or disrespectful. There are certain rules and code of conduct that you need to follow when dealing with high-level executives including dining manners over lunch or meet up forums to avoid embarrassing yourself and the company you are representing. When employees misbehave, they can ruin the image of the company- when dealing with elite and royal clients- everyone must stay in line and act in the best manner possible to avoid damaging brand identity-

Learning International business etiquette skills can land your more investors and clients-you can make a killing in a simple event or forum just by behaving correctly and creating the right impression. Opportunities to network and create a lasting impression can happen over a simple meal or coffee break, if you happen to have horrible table manners, this could already be signified as a bad impression for the company you are representing. Having an international business etiquette that can level with the best royal business etiquettes in the world will get you far. Your manners and the way you speak, the way you talk and deal with people whether you like it or not, translates to the impression of the brand- this is why you need to look polished.

  1. Learning about the Culture of the Country you are doing business with

As much as we want to come out with a general international etiquette or standard for doing things, we are dealing with various countries on a regular basis. Before engaging in business meetings make sure to understand the culture and the nationality of the person you are going to deal with. Try your best to learn about their country, the current and most pressing issues so that you can avoid making any rude political comments during the meeting. Take the time to learn about different cultures- while we cannot generalize, there are things that we could learn to avoid offending other nationalities.

2. Pay close attention to the Person’s Name

Be very attentive and listen to a person’s name, if you did not hear it well at first, do not be afraid to ask how to pronounce their name correctly. This will create the impression that you are really interested in the person you are talking to. Also, make sure to tell your complete name during the first meeting instead of just saying your first name. You can, later on, ask them what name they would prefer to be called, you can do this during lunch break to establish rapport.

3. Table manners Still matter

No matter who you are, you still need to adhere to table manners and basic etiquette. Avoid talking when your mouth is full and avoid chewing food out in the open. Avoid blowing your nose with the napkin and find a way to excuse yourself when doing so. Avoid at all cost, texting or playing with your phone at the table. Do not get drunk or eat malodorous foods. Be very careful about keeping a good image, remain aware and conscious.

4. If you made the invite, you should pay

This is basic, avoid making people confused, if you are the one who invited business networks for lunch make sure to be the one to pay the bill. This goes the same for clients, investors, and coworkers. It doesn’t matter if this is a business dinner or a quick cup of coffee to catch up, the rule of thumb is that for as long as you are the one who requested for their time- you should be decent enough to foot the bill.

5. Always initiate the handshake if you’re the higher-ranking person or host

If you happen to be the host, or the higher ranking person, regardless of your gender, you should be the one to extend your hand first. However, if the high ranking person for some reason forgets, the lower ranking person should start to initiate and extend their hand.

6. Never pull out someone’s chair for them

Regardless of social status, you must never pull out another person’s chair during a business meeting. It would be alright to hold a door for the guest, but you should avoid pulling another person’s chair regardless of gender to avoid awkward situations in business settings. Both men and women must pull their own chairs.

7. Cover up cleavage

When dealing with royalty, make sure to avoid showing signs of your cleavage and avoid using provocative dresses. Even when exiting a vehicle, make sure to hold your clutch or bag-like Princess Diana to hide your cleavage- avoid any compromising looks and remain professional and dignified.

8. Stand up and give respect when a CEO walks inside the room

As royal advisers would instruct, make sure to give respect to the Chairman or the CEO. Upon walking into the room, employees and staff should stand up and greet them properly- it would be rude not to do so- this is something basic.

9. Remove Your Sunglasses

If you are talking to a member of the Royal family anywhere in the world, make sure to remove your sunglasses- and if you by any chance be wearing your hat- you should also take it off. Anna Wintour chief of Vogue once committed the mistake of not removing her sunglasses when Queen Elizabeth entered and to this day this is still remembered as something disrespectful and ridiculous-

10. Don’t go crazy with clanging jewelry

Be modest and clean with your dress, also avoid showing too much leg and make sure to find appropriate jewelry. Avoid clanging jewelry, when dealing with royalty and elite clients- keep it classy.

11. Avoid Political Topics and Issues

The world is becoming vastly stressful, if it is not at all related with the business you are working on, avoid mentioning political topics, avoid negative news and insinuations that might put you into a bad light. Speak light and strive to create positive feelings and impressions instead.

12. Personal Handwritten Letters

Handwritten thank-you notes are still fashionable, professional and preferred. At some point, you can use handwritten notes to create a good impression. Make sure to use the writing kind of stationary paper especially when dealing with members of the Royal family in Asia and the rest of the world. Your letter must be short and concise and should be polite and make sure to address it correctly according to the rank of the person you are giving it to.

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Social Etiquette in Asia

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Business Etiquette in Asia

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