10 Signs and Symptoms You Might have Kidney Problem

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, irregular eating and drinking habits and problems with genetics many people in the world right now are at risk with kidney problem. Here are some of the early signs and symptoms of Kidney problem that people should look out for. Being able to identify the symptoms early, can help in finding immediate care and solution before the kidney problem progresses.

1. Easily Get Tired and Have Less Energy

People who have kidney problem would experience a build up of toxins and impurities in the blood. Because of this they could feel easily tired and weak, and it could make it harder to concentrate and do other tasks. Due to the toxin build up it can also lead to anemia, that causes further fatigue and weakening of the body.

2. Sleeping Disorders

People who might be suffering from Kidney problem would have a hard time sleeping and getting much needed rest. They could feel the symptoms of insomnia, the toxins in their blood make it harder for them to sleep. When this happens, it could lead to mood swings, over eating, obesity and chronic kidney disease.

3. Itchy and Dry Skin

The kidney has the important job of clearing toxins and removing of extra wastes and fluid in the body. It is the one helping create red blood cells, and keeps the bones strong and balances the minerals inside the body. When something goes wrong with the kidneys the skin of the person suffering from kidney disease will become dry and itchy. When this happens there is already a clear imbalance of minerals and nutrients inside the body.

4. Frequent Urination

If you feel like urinating ever so often, especially at night causing your sleep to be disturbed then this could be a sign of kidney disease. Kidneys that are damaged give the urge of wanting to pee every now and then more than the average. On the other hand, excessive urinating can also be caused by a urinary infection or enlarged prostate in men.

5. Presence of Blood in the Urine

People who observe blood in their urine need to get checked by a doctor immediately. When the kidney is damaged, blood cells begin to leak out into the urine and this is one big indicator of a kidney problem, blood indicates that there is presence of tumors and kidney stones or infection inside the body.

6. Bubbles or Foamy Urine

Foamy urine is not normal, when there is excessive bubbles in the urine this could be an indication that there is trouble in the kidneys. This foam that we are talking about might look like foam when you are scrambling eggs, this is because of the protein and albumin found in the urine that is the same with eggs.

7. Unusual Eye Puffiness

You might be suffering from kidney problem if you see that your eyes are unusually puffy. This could be because of the excessive protein that is now being leaked in the body due to damaged kidneys.

8. Swollen ankles and feet

Another sign of kidney disorder is when the body begins to retain sodium, causing swelling in the feet and the ankles. When this occurs the lower extremities are affected. It can also be an indication that there is problem in the liver, heart and will also begin to affect the leg vein.

9. Sudden Decrease in Appetite

If you have been feeling lesser need to eat, have poor appetite this could be because of the build up of toxins around your body that is decreasing the ability and strength of the kidneys to do its task.

10. Muscle Cramping

If you have sudden unexplained muscle spasms and cramps that last for a long time this could be an indicator of an electrolyte imbalance that can lead to impaired kidney function. It could also indicate that you are suffering from low calcium levels and poor phosphorus leading to excessive muscle cramping.

Kidney Failure

If the symptoms are left ignored for a very long time, it can lead to Kidney Failure. Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys fail to function as it should, it can also be described physiologically as renal failure. There is an apparent decrease in blood filtration.

Some kidney problems happen quickly as a result of kidney damage due to great blood loss due to injury, while some take time and toxins slowly poison the kidneys until it stops working leading to acute renal failure.

People who have diabetes, hypertension and urinary tract infection as well as tumors are at risk for kidney failure this is why symptoms have to be attended and checked immediately to avoid further inflammation that would lead to kidney failure. If the disease is detected early, a person can avoid going on dialysis.

How Can Stem Cells help with Kidney Problems?

Scientists and medical researchers are already studying how kidneys can regenerate itself and what types of kidney cells should be used in the process. The branch tackling stem cell therapy is interested with kidney regeneration. There are some cells called nephrons that are ‘ stem cell’ like in nature and characteristics. One is identified as the Renal Progenitor Cells or RPC and the other has the same features as mesenchymal stem cells that are usually found in the bone marrow.

Stem Cell therapy experts are now using induced pluripotent stem cells to produce the 3D nephron-like structures that are now being used by doctors to study how kidneys from in embryos. Medical researchers are developing and testing new drugs and therapies with the aid of stem cell technology so that one day sooner than expected doctors would be able to use these cells to create new nephrons and repair damaged kidneys.

Will Cell Therapy replace the need for Kidney Transplants one day?

Top Stem Cell clinics in the world like FGAAA Feel Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center believe that stem cells is a promising approach for chronic kidney disease through the regeneration of damaged tissues using therapeutic cells.

Humanity would one day recover organ function with the help of this technology. According to studies there are certain types of stem cell that can be used as an off the shelf universal cell source and would soon be used as an alternative therapeutic strategy for patients suffering from chronic diseases like kidney failure. Many regenerative doctors and clinics are seeing positive signs that will lead medical science into this direction. Coupled with 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, we could one day resove the shortage of organs.

Pluripotent and adult stem cells are also seen to provoke the immune system response. Kidney problem is one of the big issues that the world is facing. Currently, transplantation is the only definitive treatment being offered, but it has many challenges and side effects and life long immunosuppression, not to mention lack of donor organs to meet the growing demand which is why doctors and medical researchers are now banking their hopes on stem cell therapy.

FGAAA Clinic:

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Patients who receive rejuvenation therapy from the clinic receive numerous benefits including:

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  • Youthful appearance and better skin tone
  • Boost in energy, stamina and vitality
  • Relief from back pain, aches and pains including stiffness of joints
  • Boost in sexual prowess and libido
  • Easier weight maintenance
  • Feelings of happiness and mental clarity
  • Better and healthier outlook in life
  • Agility and better stamina that aids exercise activities

It is hard to keep track of our health nowadays, let alone the toxins inside the body and the blood. If you want to have boundless energy or simply want to feel better, more creative and inspired you can try Rejuvenation therapy.

Stem cell therapy provides boost of energy, mental stimulation and improved strength.

One of the best evidence that stem cell therapy is really working is Lourdes Duque Baron.

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