10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a silent killer, because not a lot of people are able to detect what is happening inside their mind. Due to the stress and pressures of the world, people on their own are not able to understand what they are suffering from.

Depression has many faces, and unlike daily anxiety, something is more sinister and dark about depression that the medical world is still attempting to understand. When the signs and symptoms of depression is left unchecked it could progress and lead to lesser quality of life and being and eventually the person who is suffering from it could decide to end their own life.

Signs of Depression

It is normal for every human being to feel down and lonesome once in a while, but when it is prolonged a person loses the enthusiasm to do anything, even the activities they once enjoyed then this is one of the trigger signs of depression progressing.

Lack of Energy

A person suffering from signs of depression feels lack of energy. Despite doing their best, they feel anxious and tired all of the time. Something is bothering them on the inside.

Loss of Pleasure in All Activities

A depressed person would suddenly feel no pleasure in doing activities, attending events. Their minds is like in a sudden daze or fog, they stop doing the things they usually enjoy and begin to act as though nothing matters anymore.

Easily tears-up of feels the need to cry

Uncontrollable weeping, or feeling like everything and anything gives them misery.

Inability to focus on tasks and loss of memory

A depressed person will not function well, and would hardly be able to finish tasks they started. They would most likely not want to do anything and shut themselves down completely if they can.

Change in sleeping patterns, either they sleep very little or sleep for too long

Unless they have narcolepsy, or they have sleeping issues in the past. If a person suddenly wants to sleep too much or not sleep at all. Then this could be a sign of depression.

A sudden increase or decrease in appetite, with drastic weight gain or weigh loss

Some people who suffer from depression could either become emotional eaters. They begin to think that food is the only thing that gives them pleasure in life, so they tend to overeat even when they are not hungry. But on the other hand, they could suddenly want to stop eating anything.

Diminished interest in sex

Unless they are suffering from a health condition, a person who suffers from depression finds no zest or energy for sexual intimacy.

Feeling worthless, or feeling life is without meaning

A person feeling the anxiousness of depression and immense anxiety would feel that their own life is worthless. The dreams that they have and the people they value are unable to take out of the mental rut where they are in. Without proper intervention and care, the depression can go worse and cause them to want to take their own life. Some would go in extremes and choose to isolate themselves, locking themselves inside their room.

What Causes Depression?

There are many factors as to why a person would experience Depression. But right now in this article we would tackle the medical aspect of this illness.

Many doctors and medical researchers now believe that Depression has some biological origin. If you have a family member that is prone to depression then you are most likely going to have it to. It affects the Physiology of the nervous system and affects the brain’s neurotransmitters including the nor-epinephrine and the serotonin levels of the body.

Some cases of depression can get cured with the help of antidepressants for a certain period of time. Cases like bipolar disorder, manic depression, and dramatic mood swings as well as euphoria can be partly cured with the assistance of antidepressants. However, there is still so much more that needs to be done when it comes to dealing with depression this is because some of the most common anti depressants given to people lead to side effects and do not have long term effects. This has prompted doctors to dig deeper.

Curing depression will require the role of environment changes, social factors and psychological and the intervention of Science. Alternative treatments and a holistic approach is needed. There are some forms of depression that go away, through constant prayers to God and a strong hold of faith in the Creator to heal the mind so that depression will not progress. But there are also types of depression that are so severe that would require the repair of the systems of the brain itself. Science is on a quest to finding a cure that would help a person decrease their negative thinking patterns, while partnering it with social support.

Can Stem Cells Make us Happy?

This is the question that is now boggling the minds of some of the greatest medical researchers and doctors in the world. Can stem cell therapy assist in curing depression? Some of the greatest stem cell clinics in the world are beginning to study Depression and how to medical science can intervene. Hongjun Song a professor of neurology and neuroscience and director for the Stem Cell program in the Institute of Cell Engineering is one of the experts who are looking into the correlation of stem cell therapy and depression. Cell Engineers and Stem cell experts are trying to understand how stem cells can keep the brain running in top shape.

We as humans have a reservoir of stem cells that is found in our hippo-campus, this is the part of the brain that is involved in learning, memory, information processing and mood regulation. But as we age, the supply of fresh stem cells decline and this is when we begin suffering from diseases.

Many stem cell clinics like FGAAA Feeling Good At Any Age The One Step Rejuvenation Center in California believe we can use stem cells to update our brain similar to the way computers are updated. Like a computer, we can how advance the brain.

Older people who have memory problems and who are constantly suffering from loss of focus and concentration, mood swings and feelings of helplessness and depression due to old age can one day opt to upgrade their brain with the help of Stem Cell Therapy. In theory, we would one day be able to upgrade our brains, to make it faster and in great shape. This technology will be in the form of Stem Cells Brain upgrade and would one day be used for mental disorders, like depression, and even bipolar disorder.

There are now stem cell engineers that believe that the use of stem cells can decrease depression by making more neurons that can form more connections in the brain. This is the same with the impact of exercise, where neurons are stimulated go grow and in turn helps treat depression.

Some researchers already believe that people who suffer from Schizophrenia have much slower speed of stem cell division compared with people who don’t have depression. Medical researchers believe that through drug treatments, patient’s stem cells they can simulate the act to create more neurons to help heal the brain.

This study was prompted by the fact that they want to find a much more universal solution other than anti depressants alone. Prozac for example works on some people but remain powerless over others based on genetics. This is why doctors are now looking into stem cells for the cure hoping that more people would respond to it and be cured faster.

What Stem Cell therapy currently is able to provide people is a zest and boost of energy, mental stimulation and drive and physical strength that allows them to continue working and planning for a great future. One of the greatest evidence that stem cell therapy is really working is Lourdes Duque Baron.

Lourdes Duque Baron is already at the age of 72, but with the grace of God and the power of stem cells she is able to live life with much vitality and zest. Due to the billions of stem cells injected in her body under the supervision of FGAAA Clinic ( Feeling Good At Any Age The One Stop Rejuvenation Center) in California she is able to complete more dream projects. Producing several award-winning films, winning many awards for her books like Scripted in Heaven and I Called Myself Cassandra. She attributes to much of her strength with the use of stem cells. Stem cells has allowed her to have amazing metabolism and fast energy that allows her to complete several projects at a time. While at the same time fulfilling her dream to be a film actress and musician. Her own journey and hope for stem cells is discussed in her upcoming book New Breed of Homo Sapiens this 2020.

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  • Relief from back pain, aches and pains including stiffness of joints
  • Boost in sexual prowess and libido
  • Easier weight maintenance
  • Feelings of happiness and mental clarity
  • Better and healthier outlook in life
  • Agility and better stamina that aids exercise activities
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